Bringing them back to life. One down. Three to go.

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Awesome. What did you use to do it? Mine need a lil work as well.
I used the hose to get as much as I could off. Then I used Meguiars All Wheel & Tire Cleaner to keep the wheel wet while I used SOS pads and elbow grease. Rinsed the wheel with water as needed so I could see what I was doing when the foam and soap built up too much. Rinsed it clean. Took Mother's Never Dull around the wheel while damp until it was lathered up. Finally polished it off with a t-shirt.

Took about 15 minutes to do the front. Another 20 to do the side and back. Depending on how picky you are with getting all the rust and marks gone or a spot or two still being there could take longer or less.

I'll tape them off at a later time and spray some black back on where it's peeled off between the spokes.
That is impressive that they came out so well.

Thanks for sharing your success.
That looks top shelf!! Always good to know what products work, even if most of it was elbow grease. Where do you buy that? Rolleyes Duh
Thanks!!! I hope the rest of them come out this well. Patience and time.

I bought mine with a 12 year installment plan with Uncle Sam. He had me making elbow grease every morning 4 days a week.
Thanks for the info man. They are stunning. SSig_goodjob2
Damn, I wish I could buy some of that elbow grease! Roflmao1 Nice Job Thmbsup JTS 71 Mach1
How did you convert the satin-finish spokes to a polished chrome finish? How did you remove the corrosion pits from the center section without damaging the chrome finish?
The third comment down in this thread explains the whole and only processed I used. I guess one secret is to not use the SOS pads until they are completly worn out. Use them about halfway. This way they are good and slippery and avoid scratching. Beyond that, just time and scrubbing with the above mention.

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