The boy and I did some suspension work today. Had to do some major work to a couple of the coil springs. We're loving our new air ride suspension though. We went with clay tennis balls for a firmer ride. Figured we can loosen it up a bit with grass balls later if needed. Enjoy. ;)

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And there was me throwing away good money when I could make my own lowered springs with hose clamps!!
For concors events I would suggest using clamps that were all the same size.
Thats some scary Futchin Shit! as in I can't believe people actually do things like this, and then come down the road at you and your family at 70+ MPH. Are they out of there flippin minds! Crazy Crazy Crazy The sad part is I've even seen worse! Naughty JTS 71 Mach1
Perhaps even cleaning up the zip strips for concours as well.

There were a lot of Sign0175 pictures in the slideshow I got sent this morning. I think my favorite was the tire that had the tread and sidewall had holes drilled into it about 3/4 the way around. Then the tread was zip tided to the sidewall. Crazy

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