New from New Jersey
Hello All! I just bought a 2004 Competition Orange Mach 1 with a 5 speed. One owner and low miles. I've always had an eye on these cars and fell in love with this one. I must say what a GREAT site being maintained here and I'm quite happy I found you! I look forward to reading the how to and tips forums and asking questions ONLY when I can't seem to find the answers. I also have a: 2010 Toy. Tundra SR5 Lifted on 35s, 2013 Mercedes Benz C300 AMG sport sedan, 2004 ZO6 Corvette (worked to 618 H.P.) and a 2007 Yamaha Kodiak Quad. New[/font]
Welcome. now that you've got the Mach1, your going to sell the Vette Right??? Just kidding, I know the 04 Mach1 isn't in the same class as a Z06, but a guy can hope right? Post some Pics when you get a chance. We'd all love to see what you've got. Oh by the way I hope that "avatar" isn't an actual picture, -----Cause Man that Dude is UGLY!!! 578254 Again Welcome looking forward to the Pics. JTS 71 Mach1

Orange and five speed. Sure sounds like the right combination to pick up.

It looks like you enjoy your toys.

Jump on in and enjoy the site.
Welcome to the site. The Competition Orange is one of my favorite colors....easy color to fall in love with. Looking forward to seeing some pictures. Glad to have you aboard!
Welcome! Great range of toys. Are salted roads a problem where you are? Salted roads in the UK killed the cars there. Smiliegenerator_test6

Maybe fill in a bit more of your CP - Bio and stuff. It often helps others to give more relevant suggestions for your problems.

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