Day Trip in the 70
Took the 70 out for the day to 3 state parks in Lincoln County Nev.
Beautiful weather we had a great time.

Cathedral Gorge State Park



This is the Ford dealership in Pioche, opened in 1915. They would receive 4 Model T's at a time, unassembled, by horse-drawn wagon and assemble them in here. It also had the only gas pump in town, since moved to the museum downtown.


Utah in the distance

An inspiration! That is why we fix these cars up! SSig_goodjob Bravo
Nice pictures, really like the one in front of the old Ford City Garage, thanks for sharing.
Beautiful car and more fun then should be legal! I hope to get to that point someday. Sad Enjoy JTS 71 mach1
Thanks for posting your day trip.

The pictures are great. I love the history of the Ford garage!
We need a like button Thmbsup
She is beautiful.

Wow what a car.

Looks just like the one I have been looking for all these years and posted a finders reward for.

My old high school car was that same beautiful blue.
I'll bet you had a blast sitting low and lookin good.
Thank you for sharing the pictures of our beautiful country! And your car....I think the pack has spoken!

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