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Will do Steve Thumbup
Also have a mach 1 bonnet scoop if you know anybody wants one, I guess I've got my heart set on a shaker regardless of weather the 72 had them or not Awes

Yeah, Ot, it sure is a big island!!

And just to give the USA guys some idea on size in WESTERN AUSTRALIA we can fit France and all the seven major islands of Japan. In the left over bit we an fit England and Wales PLUS T E X A S.

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(07-11-2015, 07:09 PM)Mach1FatherFigure Wrote: If you drive 8hr a day at 50mph it is TWO DAYS minimum before you leave the STATE. Icon_tongue

Isn't it now that the other bloke says, "Yeah, I had a Holden like that once."
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Hi guys
I took some pics the other day of my ongoing shaker install but left my camera at a mates place yesterday who is a couple of hours drive away. Even if I don't stay for coffee its almost a 4 hour round trip so no photos for a while SCo_hmmthink
The alloy shaker and surround molding are XY but its going to be tricky getting the install height down.
At the moment I'm using a stock cast iron 4 barrel inlet with a edelbrock carby and had to take my high alloy tappet covers back off in favor of the stock Clevo tinplate covers and the carby itself does not seem exactly central. I'm hoping this can simply be adjusted on the engine mounts but have not really looked into it yet, I recon I still need half an inch or more height clearance so the rubber boot does not tear on the molding fasteners.
Yarraman, Qld, Australia

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