Hopefully not a big mistake...
Hey all - first post, just joined, just got first 73 Mustang Mach 1 with 302. I noticed that there was a bad ignition coil still in the bracket, and a new one hooked up to the distributor, but just dangling. So I took the old one out, put the new one in and by mistake cross connected the two leads. The positive wire I connected to the distributor nipple and the distributor wire went to the + or battery nipple. I had just finished getting all the lights working, and put in a new solenoid. Car started and ran great. NOW NOTHING - no lights, no starter, no solenoid click, no wipers..OMG I must have fried something. Where do I start? I checked fuses - all ok and have 12v on both sides. I was thinking Regulator, relays, coil?? I really did a number this time and am really bummed. thanks to all for your suggestions/directions. - RacerX
Welcome, The small wire to the distributor, goes to the negative side of the coil, and the small positive wire goes to the positive side of the coil. Hooking the 2 small wires backwards will not stop it from running, but could burn the points to the point they may have to be replaced, and the small wires corrected before it runs again. It sounds like you have a connection problem at the solenoid, if I had to guess. It's kinda strange you have juice to the fuses both sides but lost everything else, as the fuses feed everything. I would start at the solenoid and look for a broke wire etc. Give us some more info and we'll try again. Hope it helps JTS 71 Mach1

I don't believe that you have the depths of problem that you think you may have.

Like JTS has stated, it should be something basic. Check your connections and probe simple fixes.

Great to have you here with us. Jump on in and enjoy.
Ok - I worked on it for another 6 hours and found that the light issues were do to the fact that the body was not providing a true common ground! So I ran a jumper wire and found a good ground spot and VOILA! - Lights. So it must have been sheer coincidence that my cross wire episode dislodged what little ground I had.

I still have another issue though...I have blow 4 solenoids! I put in a new starter after the old one locked up. Now it has locked again and blew yet another solenoid. I am hoping just a bum starter again, but could I have a worn flywheel issue? I am also going to put a fuseable link for the battery so if I get a short, it won't blow the solenoid every time. thanks for the welcome and replies!
I am not sure what your problem may be but O'Reilly's Auto Parts sells a life-time solenoid. At least you will not have to pay for a new one every time it blows.
I agree,
Check all grounds and clean all your connectors and contacts.
The starter solenoid needs a clean power circuit.
Check your contacts at your voltage regulator and clean them as well.
Finally the coil contacts and alternator contacts.
Look over your engine harness carefully for heat damage caused by your harness making prolonged contact with a hot engine.
The more resistance in it all the more load on the solenoid trying to get the necessary current it needs.
I'm sure after a good scrapping of all your contacts it will possibly be better.
Ground strap between engine and firewall.
Good ground from block to solenoid.
Etc etc...
Good luck

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