Engine bay
Finally getting the engine bay factory stock. The headers are off and the cast iron exhaust manifold are on. Still have to put on the heat riser and heater tube on and we're almost done.

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The engine compartment looks great! Did you have to lift the motor any to get the headers out or was there enough room to get by?
Very nice work.

Each little (or big) step brings it that much closer to the goal.
what paints did you use?
An inspiration. Don't forget to get those manifolds sand blasted and then sprayed with heat proof, cast iron coloured, paint. VHT brand has lasted more than 3yrs on my DD cars, but you must sand blast first.
The above suggestion comes backed with a three year's use recommendation! Biggrin

I have also used Eastwoods exhaust manifold paint with good success.
Guys, I apologize for not getting back sooner. Between a move from New York to Texas and other events time shot by. It took about 3-4 hours an evening for about a month, by taking out what parts I could. I sandpapered by hand the engine bay, smoothing out runs and rust to bare metal. I used a self etching rattle can primer, then a semi gloss black spray paint (VHT). Some areas were re-done because I just wasn't happy the way it came out. The air cleaner assembly, cast iron intake, valve covers vacuum pot and heat riser were all stripper, re primed and painted Ford blue. The headers were removed and a set of cast iron 4V manifolds were sandblasted and painted a gray color. Unfortunately my paints are in storage, otherwise I would list colors and part numbers for you. Give some time and I'll look for you. For me it was an act of love, still chasing the mach1 I wanted to get way back in 1971. Almost there.
Thanks for the follow-up on the work you did. I hope your relocation from New York to Texas brings you warmer winters and more driving time for the Mach 1!
As promised here are the paint and product numbers. I got at the local Advance Auto Parts at the time:
Duplicolor Engine Enamel Ford Blue 12oz Aerosol #DE1601
Duplicolor Engine Enamel Semi-gloss Black 12oz Aerosol #1635
Rust-Oleum Aircraft Spray Remover 12oz Aerosol 248872
Duplicolor Filler Primer 12oz Aerosol FO101

I hope this helps with doing the engine bay and motor. I used a lot of bandaids, so wear some mechanic gloves, they saved my hands. Take your time and stand and enjoy the finished work. Thanks much.
Thanks, definitely more drive time down here in Texas. By now the mach1 would be in garage by now. Now that the rain is done, and back in the 50s and 60s later this week we'll be doing some driving. Thanks much

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