72 Mach 1 Q Code - Lotsa Big Pics!
I am going to go out on a limb and have to say the hood currently on the car is the hood that came with the car.

My logic is simple. Why would someone purchase a 72 Mach 1 with a 351 4V CJ, 4 speed, and traction-lok axle with no NASA style hood? Someone in the market for these options would most certainly want the high performance hood to match. After all, the hood almost defines the Mach 1. I believe this car was special ordered with this style hood along with a vinyl top. Not too many Mach 1's have with vinyl tops.

Logically, the person who ordered the car did not want the NASA hood and wanted a vinyl roof to boot. Plus, I think it would have been too much work for a dealer to swap out an ivy glow metallic hood (not a common color). It would have been easier to just order a NOS hood and paint it.

I could be wrong but think your hood is original and it compliments the car as a whole.
I don't have any reason to believe otherwise Mike. Like I said, I have seen a pic of him getting the keys from the salesman on delivery and the hood is there (I'm trying to get a copy of it from his mother in Indy).

Knowing him, it doesn't surprise me he wanted the vinyl top and the F code hood. I have seen this guy go to extreme measures to have most everything just so. To the point I wanted to beat him with his own shoes. Very particular and likes things to be "different than everyone else". I saw him spend $2K on his Harley on a whim cause he saw another like it in Daytona.
How about a photo of the buck tag? The buck tag has assembly line codes stamped into it that assemblers referred to as it moved down the assembly line. It should lack the NH code if the car was dealer-ordered that way. Might also explain the rim-blow steering wheel and tachometer that aren't on your invoice or Marti Report. It's a metal tag and it's usually attached to your radiator support with a Phillips head screw. Don at Ohio Mustang could probably shed some light on this.
I'll see if I can locate the buck tag. Hopefully it was not taken off when the radiator was changed some years ago.
Here is the buck tag (no NH code):


The far right top is: 10C 115

Here is a super hi-res copy:

Buck Tag HI-RES

Can anyone decode it? I'm curious what it all means.
I did some research of my own and the absence of the NH indicates the hood is correct (most likely).

Here are the others:

4C - Ivy Glow Paint
AC - Air Con
PB - Power Disk Brakes
GR - Green Interior
BLACK - Black Vinyl Top
ST - ?? - I read it could be Standard Transmission, Stereo Tape, or Compact Spare
CS - Competition Suspension
BTRAC - Both Side Racing Mirrors
BO - ?? - I read it could be Boss Option?
DE - Dual Exhaust

Can anyone validate this?

You are on the right track. It sounds like we may be using the same site which indicates the BO could mean: Boss option, battery option or possibly black out all denoted by an asterisk meaning unconfirmed.


Either way, your car came with nice options.
I've noticed that the absence of the NH code is rather common on '71-'73 Mach-1 buck tags, so it doesn't definitively rule out the nasa hood, probably because it was standard equipment on all 351 and larger V-8's, and most F-code cars. I surmise I would find the NH code more frequently on F code Mach-1's and non-mach-1 mustangs where the hood was specified by dealer order, for example: a convertible that was ordered with a 351 and ram air. (cars that didn't normally come with the nasa hood) I'm pretty sure the ST code denotes stereo tape as it is on my brothers' buck tag and he has AM/tape system but his transmission is an automatic.
Could the NH mean "no heater", as in no under-dash heater vent control knobs...for cars scheduled to have A/C?
Doubt it, heaters were standard equipment and I've NEVER seen a heater delete in ANY '71-'73.

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