Some Backyard Wrenching with the Kiddos
Took off the air filter case, cleaned it up, and replaced the air filter. Tested the case to see if the valve was opening and closing correctly. Vaccuumed out the cob webs from the interior and engine compartment. Still finding acorns. The previous tenant has them stashed everywhere.

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Yikes, but not anything out of the norm, when you begin working on an old neglected car. I hope you evicted the previous tenant! Cool having the kids interested. Way to go Dad. Thmbsup JTS 71 Mach1
Great shot of curious minds! And yes...good-bye to that air filter. Thank you for sharing.
Great job.

I would suggest that you examine the inner cowl to make sure that the former tenant has not made a suite there that will trap moisture with each rain or car wash.

Most tenants that are evicted tend to leave messes behind.Biggrin
+1 on the above advise. Kids and cars - Way to go. Been there - still got her interest.
Instead of starting a new thread each time we do something new I figured I'd just keep adding to this one. It's all been backyard wrenching. Nine times out of 10 there's a kiddo with me too.

Yesterday we drained the radiator and block. We flushed, reverse flushed and then high power flushed the raditor. We inspected the hoses and clamps. Cleaned them up. Replaced the 195 thermostat with a 180.

Putting the hoses back on today. Refilling the coolant. Removing and replacing the fan/power steering belt and the ALT belt. Everything is disconnected on the A/C so no need to put a belt there until that's back up and running. We figured it's time for those to be replaced since the power steering pump is about an inch from being pulled back. That's not the real reason. The real reason is that with that I can push down about 3 inches on the belt. I think it's a bit out of spec.

Gotta love the TLC needed on an old field find.
Continuing with the same thread is a good idea. It helps us review what has been done for future reference.

The work sounds par for the course in getting a sitting car back into driving mode.

Thanks for keeping us posted.
Started taking out the interior last Friday. Removed the backseat, console, door sills, and unbolted the front seats. Plugged in the console clock just for fun. It runs but it only takes about 5 seconds for the minute hand to complete a total hour. Started lifting the aftermarket carpet a previous owner installed. Discovered the original carpet underneath in near perfect condition. I soon got sick as I discovered it's ruined though in the floor pan areas. Some spray adhesive was applied heavily to secure the newer carpet. Sigh... Took off the door panels. Looks like I can salvage all the parts except for the panels themselves and one of the deluxe "wood" trim pieces. Some one folded one of them in thirds so I'll have to see how much I can straighten it out.

Took apart what was still together of the original steering wheel and cleaned it up today. Still not sure if I want to replace that stylish chain steering wheel that was installed when I got the car. The original and it's parts were in a plastic grocery bag in the back seat.

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Thanks for the update on your progress.

Carpets can be replaced without too much expense. It's the condition of the floorboards that can make one cry most times.

(09-15-2015, 05:55 AM)ejnonamaker Wrote: Still not sure if I want to replace that stylish chain steering wheel that was installed when I got the car.

To each his own but I hope you say that tongue in cheek. :)
There was much sarcasm with the chain steering wheel comment. I'm not too worried about the carpet. I just hate seeing good stuff ruined by adding something... Well tacky. I all ready know I have a 6" long by 4" wide hole in the drivers side floor pan. There's a patch under the rear seat. Judging by the crunky noose in the rear floor pans under the carpet... Luckily all the damage is no where near the side rails or the transmission hump. I'm prepared for the worst when I finally get all the carpet up. Floor pan kits like carpet are also inexpensive.

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