Some Backyard Wrenching with the Kiddos
Oh yes - that looks good!
Nice work! It probably wouldn't hurt to put in new fuel lines in anyway especially if those were original. Did you cut it when removing the floor or kink it trying to remove it?
Thanks. It's nice to see improvement instead of just yanking old and to just see even more old.

Once this job gets done oil pan, trans pan, new u joints on the drive shaft, new gaskets on the rear diff, and new exhaust from the mufflers back. Was going to do headers back but for now I'm just going to blast the manifolds and restore to the mufflers. All the previous mentioned will be restored too. Got to take it all off the repaint the bottom anyways.

Now new fuel lines. It cracked trying to pull it out of the way a little to cut the old floor pan. They were pretty rusted looking and on the list to be replaced. For now just cut the piece that cracked and clamped a piece of rubber tubing to bridge the gap until I can get the new lines.
Floor pan is in and sealed.

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Looking good...nice work!
Wow the rust is gone! Nice job. JTS 71 Mach1
That sure looks like a whole different car.

I bet it makes you feel a whole lot better about the car as well!

Congratulations - good work.
It's great to see your kids showing interest. After all they are the next generation of enthusiasts. Not to mention the memories you all can share.

Way to go Dad!
Nice job...looks great!
(07-13-2016, 05:09 AM)ejnonamaker Wrote: Floor pan is in and sealed.

Nice job, looks promising.

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