another growing peeve of mine...

I can't believe we have similar views of dealerships. I use to work as a technician for a GM dealership. They sent me through a 2 year GM sponsored training program at a Jr. College. After I graduated I had a hard time working full time in that dealership environment. The training program motivated me to continue College for Mechanical Engineering, both undergraduate and graduate school.

You paint a very accurate picture of most (not all) people working in the different departments. It's almost as if you worked at the same dealer I was at. I liked the work, but couldn't take the environment. Most mechanics are better at covering their butt than repairing vehicles. Often a "good" mechanic is simply one with a tool box full of known good parts and would just start swapping out parts until an issue was resolved.

Anyway, nice accurate picture of what goes on inside a dealership. I think if most people knew, they at least wouldn't get their cars repaired at one.


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