On to the Dyno
Darn it, and to think we drove these things as daily transportation, with there barely adequate brake systems, weak alternators, overflowing carburetors,etc. And we Loved every minute of it! Now we try to drive them and the quality of the restoration parts isn't always up to par. But hey it's a Mach1! It does give one a sense of appreciation for today's Fuel Injection, 100+ amp alternators, huge anti lock brakes, traction control, etc. Sad On second thought, Give me a Classic Any Day!!! Get In, Sit Down, Shut Up, and Hang On! Gears Thmbsup JTS 71 Mach1
My thoughts exactly! Brakes only slow you down and the rears and 'E' brake were fine. It does get better!.
I was checking through the S/H parts at the Club Rooms (they have about 700sq ft on 7ft racking) when I found this clip on ignition system. I own 2 others that I put away in that 'safe place' so had to get this one. Fired up first hit.
It uses the points to trigger and has a switch to revert to conventional if the electronics fail. Points last for ever as they are only switching minimal current.
Yes I know the engine needs paint but it works. It will come out for a detail once the car is registered, working and I've done a few club runs in it.
The lower photo shows the two lights on the top. One is System Function and the other goes on and off as the points open/close. Can be used for static tune.

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Now that is way to cool! I guess we'd call that a controller box? Did it improve performance or simply eliminate the erosion of the points? SCo_hmmthink Which I could see as a big improvement in performance/consistency. Cool JTS 71 Mach1
It is self contained and can be mounted anywhere. It comes with two big clips to attach to the coil (like the picture) and also two plates to allow remote installs (my others used that method).

Apart from the 'smarts' it has a capacitor to discharge into the coil - bigger spark.

Back in the day the agents claimed 2-3hp and easier starting with longer points life.

Without going back to the dyno I can vouch for much easier starting now and have got much longer points life in the past.

When the dust settles from the registration dramas I will try for another dyno run for a comparison
Cool It sounds a lot like CDI or Capacitive Discharge Ignition. There were some units for cars, but I mostly saw them on motorcycles. I'd almost forgot about CDI. I'd be curious to see if it actually makes more power. In theory it should. JTS 71 Mach1
The lable reads 'REACTIVE' which is a cross between inductive and capacitive. The instructions (which I have in the 'safe place') refer to using the 'coil as a transformer'. So maybe it is just CDI with another name!

I really like the way it is points triggered rather than magnets and diode things. I had one on my Suzuki Sierra and one on my Caddi Eldorado. Neither gave any trouble.

It does work very well on the Mustang too. It can even double as an imobliser as the function switch has a center 'off' position and even joining coil + to battery, the engine will not start. Crank yes - Start No.

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