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My name is Eric and my wife, Sarah, have taken on this 1973 Mach 1 we picked up Saturday. It's running now and the boy, age 4, and I took it on a maiden voyage of 5 miles round trip to the parts store. Our minds are still going a million miles an hour on what to do first. For now it's clean up and service what's there. I owned a 2005 and I vaguely remember stories of a yellow '70 Boss 302 and black '67 coupe from my grandfather's Mustang days. Looking forwarded to being on here with you all.

Best Regards,
Eric Nonamaker
1973 Mach1 351 Cleveland 2V

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Eric...welcome to the fray!

First thing I would do is order an OEM repro hood pin kit to fill in those holes. Then I would ditch that rear spoiler and replace with the correct one.
Then, I would the following in this order:
1) suspension: new springs and shocks
2) rebuild entire front end suspension.
3) brakes, whatever it needed
4) steering, new box and whatever else it needs
5) engine, trans and diff, whatever needed.

Now at least you would have a safe and fun can easily enjoy driving it while in the midst of other small or medium sized projects.

For years, i took my car to car shows with a "pardon our dust while we remodel" sign in the window.

Welcome to the site Eric and congratulations on the purchase of your 73 Mach 1! I have not seen a steering wheel like that for many years but do remember their popularity in the 70's. If you decide to change it do not throw it away as it is a neat piece of memorabilia.

There are plenty of resources here for advice so jump in. I am looking forward to seeing the car progress.


Congrats and welcome from Ohio
Ohio Mustang Supply
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Thanks for the welcomes and the inputs.

This car is pretty solid. Talked to three owners ago and it was a daily driver for them from '99-'09. From '09-'13 it was started once a month, the front pax fender and rear pax fender cap replaced. It's sat for the past two years.

Brakes are great. Just needed some fluid and bleed. It does have a newer master cylinder.

Engine, trans, and rear are all original with no issues. Did a tune up and service of all the fluids. Only thing i flushed was the radiator. No slipping on anything yet. Not saying an overhaul isn't in the future.

The front suspension is ready for some work. The rear leaves have some life left on them. The rear shocks aren't bad.

Surprisingly the steering box is still even in good shape. I was expecting that to be all but gone and the first major piece to rebuild.

I have the original hood pins and steering wheel found in a garbage bag in the trunk. As for the spoiler. The part number on there shows it as stock. It is starting to warp and show its age. I don't think the posts are original.

It's all going to get done though this summer and winter. Biggest thing I have to do this week end is weld together a frame and brace for the drivers seat until I can get replacement parts. Then finish fishing for and making seat belts work. Oh and see why the headlights aren't coming on. All the other lights still work.

I will be sure to be here often to pick the brains of those who have been there and done this.

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That appears to be a good starting point.

Those spoiler stanchions are from a 69-70 car. And the sagging problem is typical on OEM and some older, cheaper repros.
The 69-70s also had the stanchions mounted a little closer together than the 71-73 versions.

That should be a fun project!

Welcome, Not a bad start at least it runs and drives that's sometimes the hardest part to get to, for some of us. We'll help all we can lots of knowledge and good people here, enjoy JTS 71 Mach1
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(06-18-2015, 03:21 PM)ejnonamaker Wrote: Our minds are still going a million miles an hour on what to do first. For now it's clean up and service what's there. Looking forwarded to being on here with you all.

Welcome Eric, Sarah, 4 year old and Mach 1.

Great to have you join with us. Nice purchase.

As has already been said, make it driveable, dependable, enjoyable and then "presentable".

By all means keep us posted and keep the excitement!
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Bit of a 'project' but who am I to preach on that one. Welcome! Involved kids are the best!! See who ownes the Mach 1 I work on.
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