Larry Shinoda's First 1969 Boss 302
Larry Shinoda's First 1969 Boss 302 Mustang Concept Car: Most Amazing Barn Find Ever?


John Grafelman bleeds Ford blue. He says he is "always looking for old Fords." He remembers reading as far back as the early '80s about the long-lost 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302 prototype once owned by car designer Larry Shinoda. Now, wouldn't that be a Mustang to find?

Incredibly, this hardworking farmer from Peoria, Illinois, already owned that very Mustang. Unbeknownst to him, the '69 Cobra Jet fastback he bought through an ad in the local newspaper was that very car.

"The fellow I bought it from was an elderly person," says John. "He told me that this car had some Ford history."

The seller made no mention of the car's prototype background. The Cobra Jet fastback's unique features could have easily been lost in the hands of either a restorer or a modifier. However, John proved to be very observant. The day he drove the car to his farm he realized the rear window sport slats were not production.

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How cool is that? I read this article before, but just as interesting the second time. Thanks for posting!
Great history for our achieves.
Yeah - the article was in Mustang Monthly "Rare Finds" 2 or more years ago. I was hoping this article resurfacing would've been some kind of an update, since the guy who bought said he'd be restoring it.

Oh well - thanks for sharing, nonetheless.
Absolutely unreal what can be found almost under your nose. I know they are still out there. I just wish I were the lucky one to find them. Now, that is a car worth saving, or restoring as original. 23_30_106 JTS 71 Mach1
Definitely a cool car and very significant to the history of the Mustang and BOSS 302. It would be cool to own a car of such significance. The well-documented '71 BOSS 302-to-H code fastback is another cool car.
I always suspected an early 71 fastback BOSS 429 prototype was made. I have never heard of or actually seen it, but I know one of the reasons for the growth was to accept the big BOSS engine. How cool would it be to find THAT car...if it even ever existed?
Good read for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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