Mr Billion
When I was 15 a movie came out called Mr. Billion that I stumbled into. Hit the theaters the same summer as Star Wars. Aside from the lamborghini countach in the opening credits there's a customized 72 Mach 1, the "American Dream Machine" that runs around on screen late in the film for about 10 minutes running circles around the cops.

I came out of the theater in love with both cars and thought the Mach 1 looked as wicked looking a car as has ever been designed even to this day.

In 1978 I bought a VCR (that's a Video Cassette Recorder for the younger crowd) and the first movie I caught on tape was none other than Mr. Billion so I got to drool on the Mach 1 at my leisure.

I had to hunt for a decade to find a DVD copy of this film and finally found it as an import a couple of years ago and paid a bundle to get a copy shipped in from oversea's, probably a bootleg at that.

The movie was kind of lame (OK, really lame) but the cars in it are fantastic! It's never been released in the US on DVD.

When my son and I pop the disc into the player we watch the opening credits with the lambo and then skip forward to watch the Mach 1 :) Watched this way it's a great film.

It's amazing how we can take something that's pretty lousy and find a way to make it enjoyable. JTS 71 Mach1
I am not sure I ever heard of the that movie. I will try to find that scene on youtube. Thanks for sharing the info!
Movies: Bullet; Gone in 60 Seconds (original and remake); All Fast and Furious (I know, errors all through), Grand Prix and the 'Making Of' as a DVD extra on all of the above.

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