Instrument cluster cleaning
I clean and restore the instrument cluster so here is how I did it.

First thing disconnect negative terminal from battery
Remove instrument cluster from car and place it on a working table, good lighting is recommended.
Remove all bulb sockets(14 pz) and disconnect fuel sending unit’s voltage regulator.
Remove plastic circuit connector.
Undo the 3 screws that holds indication lights face.
Undo 3 screws from fuel gauge.
And 3 screws from odometer.
Undo 2 screws that holds inner bezels for each dial (6 screws)
Undo 6 screws that holds front bezel
Parts should be like this:
Indication lights can be disassembled by carefully unclipping center piece, and 1 center screw.
Foam seals can be replaced, I cleaned base with dish soap and left blue bulb caps because plastic attachment parts are hardened and will break at minimum movement.
Cleaned dial face and reassembled.
Same thing for fuel indication, an isolating piece of board holds gauge in position
For odometer there are 2 bolts on back and you can disassembly, one more to remove a square channel for high beam light
Now that you have instrument cluster all separated you can clean an paint instrument case
Reassembly in reverse order.
Circuit and voltage regulator were damaged so I changed
Also I changed the lens
If I did it you can.

1971 Mach 1, 350C

That is a neat rebuild and well covered. Exlnt!!
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SSig_goodjob What type of paint did you use? Anything special?
1969 MACH 1

Great Job SSig_goodjob
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(06-05-2015, 06:16 AM)BLACK JADE 69 Wrote: SSig_goodjob What type of paint did you use? Anything special?

I don't know what he used for paint. I have had great results with SEM products interior paints. It's available from body and paint stores and I have also noticed National Parts Depot sells it. It is available in aerosol cans and quarts to be sprayed from paint guns for larger jobs.

Best Regards,

Nice job! I love these DIY type of posts. I am sure this post will be very helpful to many. Again, nice job!

I painted all with primer, for bezels used black mate and silver metallic gloss for thin line around it, for inner part of gauges I used a grey glossy that has some sparks, Rustoleum brand, dish soap washed and sanded first with 400 and then 1000 grit to remove sun burned layer.

Best regards

1971 Mach 1, 350C

Thanks for the info. Good review! - login admin

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