69 MACH 1 fuel cap?
Here Goes.
I have been searching for a reosonable answer to this question.
I have a 69 Mach 1 with a flip down gas cap. As much a I love the originality of the cap I want to remove the guts and put a slim regular gas cap underneath the whole assembly as it can pop down on ocassions.

Question: Forgetting the whole California emission thing, as this doesnt apply in my case and this car does not have a canister set up. What cap should I run, vent or no vent and is there any other things I should do in this regard.
Lastly, does any one know if the regular caps off old fairlanes, falcons, etc may fit this filler tube as the ones ive seen around look low enough to fit under the flip cap.

There is so much hooey around this topic on google and Im sure some of you experts have some useful tipsWink
I have an original Ford pop open gas cap on my Mach 1. But it is the newer style Ford issued where as the pop open cover is identical but it has a regular twist on gas cap inside. I was told Ford had a safety problem with the pop open door opening in an accident. The twist on cap is vented. And I can definitely smell fumes in the gas cap area on some days. There is no other way for air to enter the tank as the fuel level drops on a 69. I think in 70 car manufacturers switched to non-vented caps and started adding fuel vapor control systems on cars.

This cap might work https://www.npdlink.com/store/products/g...679-1.html

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Thanks thats good advice, The item is at a good price as well. I figure that my garage is gonna smell like my old edge trimmer but ill at least get air into the tank and not worry about the cap popping open on a speed bump.
Ford did bring out a new and improved cap. Part number F3ZZ 9030 C. I have one on my car that I bought from another Ford dealer when there was still some out there. I checked the locator and none left in captivity. I do see that number pop up on ebay from time to time. Biggrin
There was a 2 on ebay though their crazy expensiveSad
I saw those.....OUCH!!! and they aren't even the right ones. I hate it when they put the wrong numbers in so you get it with your search criteria. Ebay kind of killed the swap meets but now with everyone inflating their prices the swap meet is making a come back. Just a part number to keep in mind when you are out "shopping." Good luck in your search. Biggrin
I purchased my NOS pop-open gas cap about 12 years ago from Perogie Enterprises. It has the same small twist on cap and Lanyard assembly as those in the EBay ad Black Jade 69 found. At that time I think I paid in the $250-$300 range. NOS items are getting very expensive. NOS items fit and work correctly unlike most aftermarket items. My preference for parts are NOS, then good used original, and last aftermarket. Unfortunately these days a lot of times aftermarket is the thing available. I use NOS parts if I can afford it, which is rarely ever these days. I don't get too excited when I see a classic car restored in a box from China.

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