Hello All. I just purchased a 72 Mach 1 and look forward to getting into the community.

I purchased the car from the original owner who ordered it in 71. It is a very clean car. Garage kept and well maintained. Q Code with a Hurst 4 speed in dark green.

I'll get some pics up soon.

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DNA, You must post a picture of the car with one of your guitars leaning against the front bumper!!
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DNA - sounds like you found yourself a nice Mach 1 not to mention a 4 speed one! Definitely looking forward to seeing some pictures. Thanks for joining us.

Welcome great choice. Lots of info, and help from lots of good people. Jump in anytime. JTS 71 Mach1
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DNA, welcome to this site. We need pics of your car. Sounds nice. Great people here and they are always willing to help. Good luck. Dave R.

Sorry for the delay all. Here are some pics.




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Great looking car!

Oh Snap! That's nice! Thumbup

But a Q-code 4-speed with a standard (Non-NASA) type hood? You might have a fairly rare car there. Have you ordered a Marti Report yet?

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I'll order the report tonite.

Here's the history. The guy who bought it ordered it in late '71 (November most likely) right after college and he had just got the job that he would eventually retire at. He met my dad right before I was born (in '72) and they have been best friends since then. The car was bought in Indiana I believe (he went to Butler) and was moved to KY, IA and back to KY. It has been in his garage for the last 15 years but has been started regularly and the gas has been treated. 70500 miles.

Its currently still at his place until I get another car out which should be Wednesday. Thats why the delay in pics.

This guy's is like family to me. An uncle sort of relationship. We have even logged 3000 miles together on the backs of Harleys. So I couldn't trust this cars pedigree more if Ol' Edsel rose up and gave it to me himself. Its got the window sticker and everything.

It was an a-la-cart build so it could be pretty rare. Its got POSI, vinyl roof, AC, disk brakes, Q motor and 4 speed. The interior is vinyl as well but the drivers seat needs recovered. It needs a real good cleaning and a tune up but its a survivor for sure. I have 4 boys so its going to be great to have this to work on with them too. I'll never sell it so they will have to fight over it after I'm dead. My moneys on the 2nd born Biggrin

I really sort of fell into the car. I was doing some work on his home network and he mentioned he needed to sell it for his daughters wedding. His wife, him and I talked for awhile about it and you can tell it means a lot to them. They really wanted it to have a good home and since I'm basically family, we decided on a number. Also he can drive it whenever he wants. Thumbup

Im really stoked about it. I sold my Harley to get it so my wife is happy and that makes things just overall better. Awes

When I get it to house I'll do a full pictorial outside and post it the the appropriate place.

Thanks for the warm welcomes. Drink_to_that

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I noticed that too: a flat hood on a 351 Mach could be a very rare car if original.

I must say that even though my car is the equivalent of a full-dress Harley with all the stripes, spoilers, magnums and such...I really find a simple stripe-free and unadorned car refreshing and attractive in a "lean and mean" way. Awesome.

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