new Mach 1 owner UK
Hi Everyone, New

My name is Richard and I live near Southampton in the south of England, UK. I own 2 '72 bumpside trucks and have just become the owner of a '73 Mach 1.
it was great to find a specialist forum for the Mach 1, I'll be needing a lot of advice and help over the next couple of years as I battle to save mine from the workshop in the sky, I've just taken possession of it as part payment of a debt an ex friend owes me, it's been off the road for 13 years In England, you know what our weather is like Shock, it needs a lot of TLC, stripping down, welding, grinding, painting etc, etc.... every panel needs some sort of work or replacing, the interior is in pretty good condition and just needs a good clean, she runs a 351 but not sure if Cleveland or Windsor but I do know it's not standard. I'll need advice on what to check to get her running again as I don't believe the Previous owner ever turned her over even by hand... was going to remove spark plugs, drain and replace oil and see if she's still free, if she is then clean carb and fuel lines, check spark and see what happens. this will be a long journey but I hate seeing classics go to waste, if I had the money and a workshop I'd have dozens of classics Thumbup I'm a single parent on a budget and will need help sourcing parts, recommendations of suppliers with quality parts etc.. I do have a couple of friends who ship from the States on a regular basis .

I'll try and get some pictures up as soon as I've taken some.

I look forward to chatting to you all and making new friends

An easy way to tell if it is a Windsor or Cleveland is by where the thermostat housing is located. If it is on the inlet manifold it is a Windsor.
Thanks Oztrailer, I've got the Cleveland motor, thermostat on the block and 8 bolts on the valve covers, got the 4v heads too Thumbup now waiting for new plugs, wires, distributor cap & rotor arm, fuel & oil filters, then I'll prep it for firing up as it's been sat for 13 years Shock
Welcome! Pop the plugs out and squirt in some Redex. Spin it with cloths over the plug holes and leave it while you do every thing else. Even weeks will not do any harm.

I used to live in Eastleigh.
Mach1fatherfigure, I live in Sholing Biggrin where are you now? it's just stopped raining here so going to have another look at her and pull the air filter to see what carb I have in case I need a rebuild kit, all I know is it's a Holley.. I'll grab some redex tomorrow and have a crack at spinning her over by hand.
Welcome Richard, good to hear that a classic need to be is good shape, keep us updated, post pictures for better knowledge, also pot while restoring.
If I can be any help, please ask.
I use to work in Rugby area, but traveled a lot for all England, now I am in Mexico.

Thanks Mario,

trying to work out how to resize pictures to post, it's going to take a few years for this restoration...
Welcome to the sounds like you have already received some great advice. Looking forward to seeing pictures.
73m1UK, I'm now in Perth Western Australia - Check my profile.

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