Dart 351W Stroked to 427... 575Hp 535TQ going in??
I have driven this 69 Mach 1.... Only on dry roads Since 1980... Its all stock ..matching numbers.. original owner.. Yada..Yada.. Yada.. Blaaa. Blaaa.. Blaaa.... but it sucks for driving..
Don't get me wrong!
I Love and respect the original components, paint, and stickers..
But the technology then quit frankly "SUCKED"...
I'm ready to take off the stock parts.. put them on a shelf ...
And Build a nice riding.. enjoyable mustang...
I am over 50 years old and ready to enjoy my "WARPONY"....
Its still original... But the guy who buys it just has to put it back to gether the way he wants it...
So its time to Put some modern Running gear in the "WARPONY" and let him RUN!!!

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Amen to that! Drive it like you stole it! ThmbsupThmbsupThmbsup JTS 71 Mach1
That is a nice motor! Plus they installed one of the best brand small block Ford cylinder heads on the market. A lot of builders will install imported cylinder heads to reduce cost. The power should be beyond what you would expect from a small block package. Drivability with it will probably not be as good as stock if that's a concern. I am kind of against the grain on this forum because I like the 351W based motors more than Cleveland's.

As far as suspensions, some improvements can be made with the stock suspension, lower the upper control arms, different springs, sway bars, roller perches, etc.. Most people convert to coil over suspensions when they want the car lowered beyond what the stock suspension can tolerate. You have to be careful with rack and pinion conversions. I've only heard, but most will not permit as sharp of a turning radius as stock. Also, every bump, crack, or rock in the road getting transmitted to the steering wheel is a common complaint.

It may have sounded negative. But, I guess what I am saying is be a cautious of the marketing gimmicks and claims being advertised for some aftermarket suspension and steering components. Most importantly, in my opinion, stay with companies that actually engineer their products and do not simply design parts to fit and look cool.

Best Regards,
Nice motor Bob...I like Biggrin! I agree with Mike 100% regarding the rack and pinion set-up. I have also heard the same complaints regarding the transmission of road surfaces to the steering wheel. Are you planning any changes to the drivetrain behind the motor?

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