Is this a 351 Boss Engine?
I have had this engine since 1987...and am just now looking at the block cast numbers. Can anyone tell me for sure what engine this is from the numbers?
This is not a pop quiz.. because i don't have the answer.... But i did find out what the block numbers mean... Thanks Guys SSig_help

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Other than the Boss 351, 1970 and 1971 Cleveland blocks can (will) have the DOAE prefix as evidenced by the date code. However, I'm pretty sure that the 351 Boss had a casting number of D1ZE. My brother owned a '71 Boss back in the early 80's. The casting number on his engine was D1ZE-B. The engine was original to the car.
D0AE-L is a BOSS 351 block it should have 4 bolt mains

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D0AE-L is a BOSS 351 block it should have 4 bolt mains

Just because the engine has 4-bolt mains doesn't mean it's a 351-Boss block. I am pretty sure about my brother's old car engine numbers as he documented this information. I even have the V.I.N. recorded :1F02R200071. Car was built in Dearborn, May, 1971 and delivered to a dealership in the Boston Metro area. They're rare, but I know there were Clevelands with 4-bolt mains manufactured in 1971 as I have seen photos of them in tech. articles.(No, they weren't '72-'73 CJ's) Yes, they had the DOAE casting.Huh After calling my brother to verify, he stated that the D1ZE was stamped into the block, and not cast. Now I'm getting confused............
bobdalogger, post a pic of the bottom end. Curious to see if it has 4-bolt main bearing caps.
Wow - so you have a 351 BOSS block!

How did you come about having a BOSS block laying around?
I am confused. I know you guys here love your Clevelands. But, I understand a Boss 351 to be a 351W block with 351 Cleveland heads. They get the best of both worlds. The long connecting rod of a 351W to further increase torque and the great cylinder heads of a 351 Cleveland. The Boss 351 doesn't use a 351 Cleveland block. Or did I miss something?

Today, Edelbrock sells heads and intakes to build a Boss 351 from your 351W block.

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Boss 351's are clevelands, not windsors.
In that case gxr02190, what do I know? I'll bow out of this one. Obviously, I like Clevelands, but I've never been a big Cleveland fan.

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Hold on Steven, DOAE-L blocks came in 2 AND 4 bolt main configurations. Let's see a posted pic of the lower end first. Also, it was not mentioned if it was a bare block or short block. I'd like to see the rods and pistons. Those are Boss-only items.
(05-14-2015, 03:46 AM)1969_Mach1 Wrote: In that case gxr02190, what do I know? Obviously, I've never been a big Cleveland fan.

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My reply was not meant to be snappy. Apparently you know quite a bit. I enjoy reading your informative posts. You have a lot if insight.
Pardon my skepticism, but Ford built 1,806 Boss 351 mustangs. Approximately 550 of those are accounted for to this day. So that leaves approx. 1,250 un-accounted for. Out of those, I would have to guess that almost all of them were either crashed or rotted away and were crushed years ago. Yes, I said crushed. And no, not all of them had their engines removed before they were crushed. Back then, they were just another worn-out or damaged car. Of course, Ford made more Boss 351 engines than cars - they had to - for warranty purposes, but there aren't that many to mention. I'm sure not all of those are lurking in garages somewhere waiting to sprout up like daisies for some lucky mustang enthusiast.

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