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Well I removed the dash pad and pulled out the gauges a bit, don't see any problems. I removed the headlamp switch and cleaned all contacts with alcohol and reconnected it. Now all of my marker/running lights Including the tail lights work and don't turn off. But my headlights still work for 2 minutes, then turn off for 1 minute, then repeat. Still no sport lights (no power to sockets, no power to switch, nothing). *Attached is mustangpic1 which is a wire I found with bullet connector (green-red stripe) coming out of the 'mesh' covered harness near E-brake pedal. *Other pic (mustangpic) is a pic of blue, blue-red stripe, green, black wires coming from firewall behind valve is + only with key ON, blue/red is + only with Lights on, green dead no matter what, and black is ground.

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What are you referring to when you mention sport lights? There are usually courtesy interior lights under the dash, one on the left side and another on the right side. Are yours in place and functioning. That green wire with the bullet connector is in the area where an under dash courtesy light would be.

Regarding the wires coming out of the firewall behind the valve cover. Somebody may have cut off the original 4-pin connector or they have been added and not part of the original harness. In that area are wires for 1) gauges and ignition coil (3-pin connector), 2) wiper motor (4 pin connector), 3) back up lights and neutral safety switch (4 pin connector). I'll have to compare those it to mine and get back to you. The ground wire, black, if that's what it is, should be connected. But none of those should affect your lights.

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Hi...the Sport Lamps (between the headlights, in the grill). Had a small carb-induced fire years ago (the wires). Well there are 18 wires coming out of that firewall (same hole) and the connectors you mentioned are all there.

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NN try for a similar front loom from a car in a wreckers. The under bonnet fire information makes all the difference. SCo_hmmthink It seems that all of the wires north of the firewall have been compromised. A 'new' loom will make it all better again. Smile
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In line with Mach1fatherfigure, is the headlight wire harness damaged from the under hood fire? Probably not if the fire stayed near the carburetor.

I would also unplug the front harness at the bulkhead connector (firewall at drivers side), clean those connectors, and reconnect. From age, corroded connectors are problematic on these cars. All the light connectors in the radiator area are problematic as well. Try to use something abrasive on the connectors as well as an electrical cleaner. At this point it may be corroded connectors and not a short to ground. Also, while you are in there, make certain the ground wire is in place. It shouldn't contribute to your issue, but might as well check it. It is a small black wire coming out of the front light harness over in the voltage regulator, starter solenoid area.

If your harness needs rebuilding/repairing and you cannot do it, there is a small business called Midlife that repairs/rebuilds classic car wire harnesses.

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