My trailer project - B M B Q
(12-20-2017, 06:47 AM)Mach1FatherFigure Wrote: Thanks for the thoughts!

I have tried spraying but got very iffy results.   Always dust and stuff you never see or notice attracted to the drying paint.

Although I have a reasonable gun I will stick to aerosol size jobs.  I did take a photo or two of his progress so over the holiday I will post them and some I took at local car shows.  The local Studebaker Club has some very nice, restored vehicles.   Now you know where the good ones went!

Funny you should mention Studebaker's. Arkansas is not a place you find very many of them. Last Summer My wife, and I were out on the Bike, and lo and behold there under a tree sat a 1955 Speedster! Sun Valley Yellow and Hialeigha Green. Identical to the one my father had back in the early 60's. I was blown away! As I haven't seen one except in pictures, in probably 30 years.  The owner was most gracious and let me look at it, It had been restored many years ago and was showing it's age But what a beautiful Car!!!
Well guess what?  The painter still has the TRAIMLER but has got it to 3rd primer coat.   It is so smooth and will look $ but I just want it back.  I have missed 3 or 4 shows so far so I am a BIT cross about the delays.
I will continue to nag him, not that he takes that much notice.   Keeping you all posted.  
Hey Man I was beginning to think a "Croc" got you or something? Sucks to hear you're still trying to get "Traimler" painted, you last posted about it in December! Well good luck. I hope it comes out great. 

Yes, that is enough to make one cross.

Hopefully not too much longer now.
Thumbup    Home, just about externally finished and been to its first run.
Nice job.  Definitely one of kind! What else internally needs to be done?
That's just plain old "Sophistication" there!

Boy it came out nice, slick as a button. It was obviously worth the wait. Now was it worth the $$$$$ spent. Yeah it was, otherwise you wouldn't have done it. Silly me I asked a question I already knew the answer to. LOL  Laughing

I'll bet you're glad it's done, and over with. Now on to the "FUN"

Is there much else that's needed? Man it's pretty!

Side trims to allow for the ' pass through ' interior, high level brake lights, dummy exhausts - That about sums it up.

Yep, there were endless people checking it out and asking some silly questions.   I tried to be polite to people!  Endless photos taken.  I believe it is the only one in the world of this model, in this configuration.

Yeah, it has been worth the wait - now one of the car clubs I belong to want me to do a talk and slide show on the subject as well as running an article on it, in their magazine.   I will let you know when it appears and where you can check it out on line if you wish.

You hinted at the value. I have insured it and when they asked me, I put $18k on it. They did not flinch!

Thanks for your kind reviews and good wishes.   Blush High_five
Yeah I'll bet they didn't flinch at 18K. That's cause they know darn good, and well they sure as heck can't replace it!!!  Thumbup 


That has come out amazing and I know that you are stoked!

Post a copy of your article once you have it written - it'll be a great read.

Well done!

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