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(11-26-2017, 10:00 PM)Mustangmike Wrote: Lookin Good Darren!  What cam did you decide to use with the Edelbrock heads?

Hi Mike,

I put a roller in it Comp cam XR 282RF.

(11-27-2017, 08:03 AM)Mustangmike Wrote:
(11-27-2017, 05:50 AM)1969_Mach1 Wrote: Looks nice.  Sorry to be a bit negative (again).  If that is a 351W that intake will not fit under a stock hood.  If somebody advised it fits, I'd wonder if they have ever done it.  Tried it myself, and many other have as well.  End result is always either cut a hole in the hood to fit a small air cleaner inside the original Mach 1 scoop, or remove it and use something else, Weiand Stealth, or Edelbrock Performer RPM if you want a dual plane intake manifold.  Of those two, the Weiand Stealth fits the best.  The 351W used a long connecting rod, which is good, so it's taller than 302's and the 351C.  This always creates intake and air cleaner fitment issues.

What happens is you cannot get an air cleaner under the hood.  When I tried it, I ended up calling Edelbrock because their instructions indicate it will fit.  Well . . . the tech support person told me the intake will fit.  But . . . you cannot get an air cleaner to fit.  Fortunately, I purchased it from Summit Racing and they gave me a refund after I explained the situation to them.

I don't know why Edelbrock made the 351W RPM Air Gap intake so tall.  The RPM Air Gap for Chevrolet's and 302 Fords are the same height as their Performer RPM intakes.  It seems like much less design and R&D time went into the Ford 351W RPM air gap intake.

Keep in mind if you try it.  For good performance, you need at least 1" clearance between the air cleaner lid and the top of the carburetor choke horn.  Whatever aftermarket intake manifold you use, do not use stock type intakes gaskets.  Stock gaskets work fine some times.  But aftermarket intakes typically do not fit well enough for stock gaskets to work well.  You need something like one of the Fel Pro Performance intake gaskets or intake gaskets that Edelbrock sells.  In this case the Edelbrock gaskets seem to hold up better for long term street use than the Fel Pro Performance gaskets.  The Fel Pro gaskets will deteriorate around the water passages sooner.  Fel Pro told me their Performance intake gaskets are designed for engines that are frequently disassembled.

I like those valve covers.  I'd suggest using a steel core rubber type gasket with those.  Fel Pro makes them in their Perma Dry Plus line of gaskets or get a Ford valve cover gasket for a 1995 or so 351W.  Ford Racing also sells them.  You'll have to experiment a little.  The Fel Pro Perma Dry Plus gaskets sometimes fit better than factory Ford gaskets.  Gluing cork gaskets to the valve cover often works okay.  When it fails it can be a small oil leak to a fire (which I have seen)  Plus with cork gaskets you constantly need to retighten the bolts.  The steel core gaskets have crush limiters in them so you never need to retighten the bolts.
Good point Mike...I didn't realize how tall the intake was until I read your post.  Putting the performance of the intake aside, is it possible to run a slimmer air filter possibly a 1 inch filter opposed to a 2 inch to compensate for the height of the air cleaner?

Yeah your right about the height issues and i dont have a solution yet so thanks for the info, i was originally told it would fit but as soon as i put it on i knew there was no way, i will probably have to cut the hood and fit a filter into the original hood scoop, does anyone know if it would be possible to change to a shaker or would it still be too high and hence look stupid.


I don't think you would be happy with the appearance of an air cleaner popping through a shaker style hood.  It is a look of days gone past.  I would even hate to even see you modify your original hood.  If it were me, at this stage, I would exchange the intake manifold for one that would fit correctly.  1969 Mach 1 gave a few different suggestions for intakes.  I think you would be a lot happier not having to cut a hole in your hood.  I believe 1969 Mach 1 indicated you would have to use a smaller size air cleaner that would fit under the scoop. Personally, I don't think you would like that look of a small air cleaner either.  


Shake hood scoops are particular about where the carb sits for the shaker to fit through the hood correctly.  Without serious modifications I don't think the RPM Air Gap for a 351W will fit with a shaker hood.  I'm not certain the stock air cleaner base and/or mid plate can be modified enough to get the shaker down low enough.  If you have some spare time, look at where the carb pad is located on the stock intake manifold then look at aftermarket intake manifolds.  You'll quickly why issues start to arise.  Even more so with a shaker hood.

Your heads do not have a heat crossover passage, so if you use a non air gap intake manifold that will help some to keep the intake cool.

It might be worth exploring Mustangmike's thought of exchanging the intake manifold.  There hasn't been any fuel running through it so you might be able to carefully clean it up enough to return it.  Don't scratch up the gasket surfaces and maybe cover up any scratch marks under bolt heads with a small paint brush and some aluminum paint.

Not particularly for use of the RPM Air Gap manifold, but I've heard of people using the adjustable Ron Morris motor mounts to drop the engine down a little. But you will spend well over $200 for those motor mounts and many other issues might come up. Such as, fan to shroud alignment, oil pan contacting the bolt in crossmember below it, drive line angle slightly off causing vibration, etc. Just doesn't seem like a good fix to me.

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