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Hello all, nice to see a site devoted to the Mach1. I'm the proud owner of a somewhat rare colored 69 Mach1. I bought the car back in 81' and am it's 3rd owner. The car was all original except the paint, which po#2 changed to red. I noticed what I was sure was Wimbledon white peeking Through a few chips on the car and never gave it a second thought. Even when checking the door tag to be sure it was a Mach1, with the correct drivetrain and trim, I never checked the color, as I planed in to repaint the car at some point anyway. I drove the car for about a year, and then garaged it due to a tired engine.

In 90' I decided to build an engine for it, and freshen it up a bit. Out came the 4bbl Windsor and was sent for machining, the cylinder head's went to Slovers (an excellent place for head work even today) for porting. Back in went the very warmed over Windsor, along with all new suspension,and minor interior work. The paint was starting to show it's age with more of "white" showing through , but the wallet was now empty, and mind you I still hadn't checked the paint code. I only took the car out sporadically on weekends, and only put 3k miles on it over the next 7 years.

In 97' I was on my way home from work and was broadsided in the driver's door (in my daily driver) by someone running a red light doing an estimated 50 to 60 mph. This results were a broken back and a really bad headache lol. I didn't think I would ever be able to work on the car again due to back problems. So I gave the car to my brother, who had his own problems, and it ended sitting outside but covered for 12 years.

Fast forward to 2014, thanks to modern medicine my back is much better. I had become "unattached" to the car having not seen it in all the years, and decided to sell it. I went to get it ready for sale, pulled the cover off, and instantly knew that I couldn't sell it, and it was coming home with me. After a thorough cleaning and inspection I've found it only has very minimal rust in a few areas, nothing a few patch panel's won't cure. I've started disassembly and finally checked the color code on the door tag. After 34 years of thinking it was originally a Wimbledon white car, it turns out it is a Pastel gray car, I have never seen a Mach1 this color in person. I've found a few pics online and learned that only 1083 Mach's were made this color, not as rare as one of the 600 special color cars Ford did in 69' but not very common either.

Plans for it now are a "Driver quality restoration" as it has spent way too much time being stored. I'm firm believer that cars like this should be driven and enjoyed, it's not a rare Boss, or a one off, just an unusual color car. I will be going with the original color when it's time to paint it. If anyone has, or know someone who has a 69' this color please let me know.

Thanks and hope to get to know my fellow Mach1 club members better.
Welcome Randy, SCo_hmmthink I believe there is a guy on here that has one in the pastel gray, you are describing. I wish I could remember who it was? If I remember I'll repost and let you know. Hopefully some one else can remember, or he checks in himself. Here's hoping. Again Welcome to the club. JTS 71 Mach1
Hey Randy...welcome to the site! Glad to hear you are doing much better. What a set-back that must have been! I am happy to hear you did not sell your Mach 1. I just took my car out for the first time since the restoration and all I can say is wow, these old Mustangs are really made to be driven. I just bought a 2015 Jeep Wrangler so to drive something 50 years older is really a trip! Please post some pictures.
Welcome Randy.

Great story. Thanks for joining the club. I look forward to your interaction here.

Here's a link to another member with a Pastel Grey Mach 1.
Thank you all for the warm welcome !
Welcome! Great tale. Hope the restoration is straightforward!!

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