Hood Closing by Itself - FIXED
My 1973 Mach 1 hood has never stayed open by itself. It might sit open for a minute, but then closes by itself. This is dangerous if you are trying to work in the engine compartment. I did order the new springs from Don last year. Good springs, but still the same result. I have been using a mop to hold the hood open, when I work on it, but the other day, I was changing the alternator, and I bumped the hood, the mop fell out, and down came the hood.
I started looking at the hinge and spring, and saw that the spring was not under much tension and could be easily removed (with a rope), when the hood was open. It just needs more tension on the spring. I had an idea. I removed the hood and the hood hinges. I took a piece of 1/8 thick steel plate about 1/2 square. I welded this to the rear hinge hook. I then made a new hinge hook slot with the grinder. The hinge was now 1/2 inch further apart to mount the spring. As well, it was stronger, with the added metal. I reinstalled the hinges. The springs now took more force to install. I had an assistant help pull on the rope, while I guided the spring into place. I reinstalled the hood and it stays up by itself. It closes normally, with just a light push, but does not fall by itself like it used to.




Good deal!

Thanks for sharing the fix. With the information we can pass along the suggestion to the next.
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Beats the heck out of getting slapped in the back of the head Crazy while leaning over the fender. Cool fix. Thmbsup JTS 71 Mach1
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Yes, thank you for sharing the fix and the work around ingenuity SSig_goodjob2

Always good to learn of a repair that works!! Noted, Thanks and Good Luck with your Mustang!!
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