Complete electric circuit rebuild
Since some weeks I am working in totally rebuild my 1971 Mach 1 electric circuit.

I dismantled all harnesses, previous owner had good ideas but bad implemented, disconnected dash board, turn signals, switchs, and so on, there were more tape than a mummy.

I have done connection drawings for almost all equipment because 1971 Mach 1 from internet did not matched 100% with my car, I clean head lamps switch, reconnected it, made an 8 relays assembly and connect from there 2 electric coolong fans, head lamps, electric fuel pump, electric joke, RUN relay and spares.

I am installing new cables for front and back lights, new fuel sending unit, changing turn signal cam, and painting dash board before reassembly.

Man you have patience! I needed to locate a complete wire harness for my car so the work was a little easier since the harness was restored outside of the car. Nice work...keep it up!
You are right, one needs patience, also I used 4x14 or 4x12 cable co do easier, It is not so hard, I have to run 2 cables for back and 1 for front lights, with 2 electric cooling fans I ran 1 more.

Previous owner changed thing so I have to redo diagrams because original do not match, also they installed an alarm and also wrongly connected, all cables has multiple joints with different color and current capacities, so I am correcting them.

It is not so hard and cost is low, around $100.


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