My 'Racewars' Thread
For your information, Club Members:

I have a similar thread on this site and Bimmerfest. No prize for guessing my username.

To the point: On this site I've had 648 views with 19 replies, including my own.
On Bimmerfest I've had 1100 views but only 7 replies, including my own.

Guess who are a more welcoming and interested set of vehicle owners? I know what I think. The rounded interest you all have in all aspects of enthusiast car ownership puts the myopic others to shame.
Yeah no pretenses here, just a Love of Mach1's and good people, Arrogant Azzes need not apply. JTS 71 Mach1
The kids all dressed up, more to follow:

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Interesting statistics.

Thanks for the pictures.

I have yet to own a BMW but someday ...

Personally - I am looking forward to the more to follow.
Glad you like it here, everyone is welcome here, always has always will. Only ones that could be in jeopardy are shit starters. :)
However beyond your post, I wouldn't expect to much conversation here with bmw members :)
Mach 1 Club is a place for people with Mach 1's and to be sure info remains online regarding the Mach 1 specifically.
Hi Site Administrator,

My comments were intended as a compliment to the rounded interest the forum members here have.

It appears to me that Bimmerfest members should hang their collective heads in disgrace. Myopic is the nicest thing I could say about them.

Mach1FatherFigure and BMWFatherFigure
I hear ya! Well if you like being here the more the merrier! Maybe someone will talk you into a Mach 1 around here Biggrin
I'll get my 'Mustang' kicks with my daughter's '70. I have too many other projects ATM to get into anything else.
In the meantime I hope my posts continue to inform, and maybe irritate.
It seems that Racewars 2016 in Western Australia has been canned. Now getting ready for 2017 which should be a on.
So did the Racewars even get started?

What was the "reason" for cancelling? Yet, they believe that 2017 will be a go.

So, I imagine that all of that was a disappointment for you but you now have more time and funds to work on the Daimler - or add some of those five options on your daughters Mach 1.

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