My 'Racewars' Thread
Oh boy, this is exciting!
Yep, I entered again.

I ran in the 600, 800 and 1000mtr distances and was 5th slowest at every distance, but I did have the biggest grin.

The fastest entrant had 2500H.P. and brought the fastest run times (320+kph) back into WA.   I only made about 175kph at best

I actually finished up in my BMW 318ti as I couldn't get the Rolls oil tight enough to pass pre-race inspection.  What do you expect?  It is an 80's British car.   Of course it leaks!   It subsequently got repaired, but as no surprise to any one it is currently back for other service processes.   I think RR only wish to keep their trained mechanics gainfully employed!  The difference in even simple procedures between RR and the rest we all drive are bewildering, I'm glad I mostly leave it alone!

Next year is being planned.  My daughter will be entering her (still oil tight!) Mustang which will be cross entered with me.  I will be taking the now oil tight Rolls, maybe cross entered with her.   In any case I will enter 2 cars.  Hang the expense, It is my holiday and birthday treat for me.

More news to follow as she wants extractors (headers?), electronic ignition and a rev limiter installed.

Go Daddy Go!!!

Sounds like you had a great time, and that's what it's all about! And yes we call them "Headers". even though I understood completely, when you called them extractors. Easy enough to figure out. I'm still working on my Jacobra. But with 5 kids, and 10 Grandkids, we added 1 yesterday. Thomas Monroe Shelby II, named after my Dad. Life seems to keep kicking my butt, to the point, I don't get much accomplished. Good to hear from you. Don't be a stranger. 

Yes, thank you for checking in and for giving us the update.

It's a well known fact that British vehicles like to "mark their territory" but I wasn't aware that RR participated in that practice but then again why would I ever know that!  :)

Anyway, glad to hear that you had a great time again that this years event and have made your plans for next year.

Go Mach 1!

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