My 'Racewars' Thread
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Rushing back to Racewars - The 2017 event will be in Albany (major town in the south of the state) in March.
I have already arranged leave and hired accommodation. The entries opened and closed while I was on nightshift so I missed out. I will still enjoy it though. I hope to drive my 4.4ltr X5 with the rebuilt engine down there - a nice trip to run it in.

Enjoy your drive and the trip - that will be quite a road trip.
Albany 2017 was OK.  I did see Heath Ledger's Mustang down there.

And on to 2018.   I got an entry in!  Being there to give others a nice car in their rear view mirror does not bother me at all.   Drag racing is a hoot I will enjoy every run I get.   I was going in my latest Daimler but it is woefully unreliable at the moment so I won't risk it.
I will be in my dark green E38 735iL.   1800kg with a normally aspirated 3.5ltr is not going to light any fires but who cares!   I am having more fun than them, who ever they are!!

My daughter (The Mustang Owner) will drive her Mach1 down for the weekend.   A good 800km (round trip) shakedown run.   I get back on Sunday evening 4th March just in time for a club show day on Monday 5th.  I will take two of mine to that display.

Again I will keep you posted and put my speeds/times up to give you a laugh.  I think the results are posted 'live' on the website.  I am entrant 215. Thumbup
Cool  As long as "you're" having fun, go for it!!!  Cool  

Hey M1FF, It sounds like a great time! Post some pictures of the event and keep us posted on your times.  And who knows, maybe you will be in someone else's rear view mirror.  Good luck and enjoy!
I think perhaps Mike meant to say that just possibly someone else might be in your rear-view mirror.

Regardless, with the purpose being to have a good time surely you will.

Anything going on in the area on the 7th of April through the 14th?  I should be in the Perth, Midland, Mandurah, Busselton, Australind and Margaret River areas.
Hi Steven,   I have sent you a private mail.   Regardless - enjoy your visit.   Drink_to_that
Thanks, I have received the P/M and have responded.

Here's hoping our itineraries coincide while I am in the Perth area!
Woo Hoo!   Racewars was an absolute joy.  174kph on 800mtrs was my best run - not even the slowest!

BUT I was granted the 'Golden Ticket' which cannot be bought.  It was awarded for 'Style and Humour in the spirit of Racewars'.
What it meant was I did not have to queue for any run - I went straight to the front each run - bypassing the entrants who had paid for the shor queue $800!

I hope to get it again next year.  I have a cunning plan.............
Sounds like a "HOOT" . How much was the Bribe? More then the entrance fee??? LOL! What's the cunning plan for next year ? A bigger Bribe??? Glad you're having fun at this stage in life we have to take all we can get!

No money changed hands.  I had 'off beat' humor written on my side glass and joked with the compares in a manner they liked.   Thumbup 
I only had the 'el-cheapo' $300 entry but was bumped to the front (ignoring the $800 entrants) for all of my runs. Laughing 
Next year?  You will think I have lost what few marbles I have left.   Notallthere  I have just contracted to buy a Rolls Royce Sliver Spur - the LWB Silver Spirit.   Cool
Yes I will be entering that.   Wow   I hope to have it in time for Steven's visit but we will have to see.  Wave

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