New Old tires
I've been concerned about the age of my tires (I thought they were 15 yrs old but looked like brand new.) well after checking I found they are 21 yrs old and were probably 4 or 5 years old when I bought them. Now I'm scared to even drive the car. I was told that after 10 yrs they should be replaced regardless of the appearance. Tires of our size and style with RWL are getting harder to find. Believe me I'm going to check the age of the next set I buy.
I'm almost in that situation as well. Mine are about 15 years old and look like new. It's getting to where I am not certain if they are safe. My car is garaged and I keep the tires covered as much as reasonably possibly to reduce or stop cracking from UV light.

You might be right on the 10 year issue. My neighbor has a 1965 Fastback. Like me, he rarely drives it. He went to have a tire with a slow leak repaired and could not find a shop that would do it because of the tire's age.

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If your concerned about your safety, the safety of others, and the investment in your car, then there is no doubt in my mind to replace the tires. I did away with early style single reservoir master cylinder in favor of a dual reservoir simply for the sake of safety.

This may be a topic for another discussion thread but as we rebuild our engines ramping up the HP, upgrades to the car's suspension and braking systems are almost mandatory. It may sound rudimentary, but I often (more than I'd like too) see 4 lug Mustangs on e-bay sporting small block V-8 engines.

Unless you have a garage queen show car - Tyres that old? Ditch them.
Firestone Wide Ovals can look good.
(04-01-2015, 11:54 PM)Mach1FatherFigure Wrote: Unless you have a garage queen show car - Tyres that old? Ditch them.
Firestone Wide Ovals can look good.

I like to drive my car and my tires are definitely going to be replaced as early as next week. I was just surprised that the tire store would sell me tires at full price that were already 4 years old and not tell me. Believe me it won't happen again.
mrmach1 - Yes it is distressing to be shafted like that. Don't know what you pay over there but here a good tyre to suit a Mustang will be the about the $150-$175 mark each. Its not like they are cheap, and then you get screwed.
I think it would be OK to drive to the tyre shop, just take it steady.
It happens everywhere. Buy a battery in a parts store, they will sell it as new regardless of how long it has been on their shelf.

The tires on my daily driver F150 I'm sure had been on the shelf for a couple of years before I purchased them. The sidewalls cracked too soon for them to have not been. Even though the tread depth is still great, I'm sure I'll replace them before we get hot summer temps here.

Mach1fatherfigure, here in Northern California, a set of four middle-of-the-road passenger car tires seems to cost $750 to $800 for anything that is brand name. A similar tire in an oddball off-brand costs about $600 to $650 for a set of four.

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Tyres have a date on them that you can check to see when they were manufactured

(04-02-2015, 07:18 PM)Oztrailer Wrote: Tyres have a date on them that you can check to see when they were manufactured

Yeah now I know that but I expected the tire dealer to be more forthcoming and honest about the age of the tire when selling it at full price. Lesson learned.
Yeah, the hard way.

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