Rebuild carb
Yesterday I pulled the carburetor and I'm going to rebuild it with the help of a friend. It's a Holley 4160 715cfm with central pivot floats. Both front and rear bowls were leaking and the accelerator pump was leaking. Now I'm just waiting for the rebuild kit.
Is this your first carburetor rebuild?

Keep us posted with your results.

Do a short documentation for others to follow and share it with us if you can.
It should go well. Holley's are the easiest to rebuild and fun. I really enjoy working on them. The biggest mistakes made are: (1) The idle speed is set with only the front idle speed screw without any regard to the position of the throttle plates related to the transfer slot. Then complains are it idles too rich and the idle mixture screws have no affect. Or it has an off idle surge or stumble at very light acceleration. When you have it apart you'll notice a small adjustment screw coming up from the bottom on the secondaries. It is used to help set the idle speed, along with prevent the secondaries from binding in the bore when closed. (2) The accelerator pump linkage is not adjusted correctly also causing stumbles on acceleration.

Use a Holley brand rebuild kit. The gaskets are a better quality and get the nylon washer gaskets for the float bowl screws. Most performance Holley rebuild kits come with them. Otherwise they have to be purchased separately. Lastly, buy new floats as well.

I suggest to anybody wanting to work on Holley carbs is to buy the book, "How to Super Tune and Modify Holley Carburetors". It's only about $20 and the information in there is extremely helpful. There are probably other helpful books as well. You find info in this book that is not in rebuild kit instructions.

Good luck and have fun! Holley's are fun to tinker with!

Best Regards,

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