The story behind my love affair with the Mach 1
Hello everyone,

Thought I would throw my story out there that started my addictions to the mustang Mach 1's

When I was a little kid, I don't remember it but my dad had a green with a white interior 1973 Mach 1, when my little brother came along my dad sold it, because my mother could not get in and out of it very easy being pregnant so the car was sold. Now growing up my dad would bring up the Mach 1 everyone once in a while, but being 8 or 9 I never really paid attention to his story since I was not hard into car's yet.

As I became older and closer to getting my drivers license, I started to become fascinated with cars. I remember going to the grocery store one day with my brothers and mother, while she was getting the cart full I was over at the magazine rack looking throe different magazines. I grabbed a mustang monthly magazine and "Boom" there it was a Blue and Argent 1971 Mustang Mach 1. One of the featured cars. I was in Love and Hooked. I beg and pleaded with my mother for 10 min to let me buy it, and finally she did at that time best 2.50 I ever spent. I spent weeks with my nose in that Magazine. Carried to school and looked throu it in study hall, even in class when the teacher had me bored. Little did anyone know that one little magazine would morph into a life long passion and hobby.

Well Life continues and I get my License and get me a Job after school and on weekends at a local fast food restaurant. Working this job for a couple months and my mom and dad tell me that if I save up the money, they will let me buy my own car, but I will have to pay my own insurance, so I will need to keep a job after said car is purchased otherwise it will be parked and I will be back in the old beat up ford pickup that my parents let me use.

Game On--- I started working every extra hour I could and saved every penny other than the 2.50 a month to buy that Magazine that started it all. But it was slow making min wage and working nights and weekends but I keep doing what I could to get money. While all this is going on a fellow class mate was driving a 72 mustang coupe with the NASA hood. I would allows stop in the parking lot at school and droll over this car. Finally as school was coming end for the year this class mate came to me and said he would sell me the car for 900.00, I just about just out of my skin, I had 300 in my car account and I pleaded with me to give me to the end of summer and I would have all the money rounded up and would buy it. He agreed and Now I had some real drive to get this deal completed. I was consumed all summer long with getting this car bought, but it was slow getting the money, because of summer school got in the way, but I kept plowing forward.

Well fast forward a couple months and I think about a month before school starts and this class mate calls me and wants to know if we are still on. "YES" is the answer I give him and he invites me out to take it for a test drive. I can't get out there fast enough and take it for a test drive. I let him know that I am 150 dollars away from having all the cash rounded up. I was pumped and doing all I could to get the money rounded up. Now you have to understand that 150 dollars working for 3.75 an hour was a lot for a 16 year old kid.

Well school starts and I'm short 50.0 to buy this car. I find my class mate that offered this car to me and tell him I will give him all the money I have now and pay him the 50 i'm short as soon as I have it. he informs me that his dad had given it to the hired man to drive. I was crushed, but still determined to get a 71-73 Mustang or Mach 1.

I continued to work and save. I would drive around looking for a mustang when I could but never seemed to find one. My parents stepped in and made me buy something that they deemed newer and more reliable than a 20 year old mustang. So I end up with a 80's Buick regal, but my love of the big body mustangs continued and I search and search for a mach 1 but everyone I found I could not afford, but I continued. My friends used to give me crap all the time that I could smell them rusting in the junk yards because every time we went to one to get parts for my car or thiers I would walk right to the mustang end of the yard and look and droll.

the hunt continued and I found a lot of them over time but never seemed to have the cash and life just continued to get in the way. Well fast forward 20 years I finally was able to purchase one that need a massive amount of work and build it like the first one I ever seen in my life.So thats my story it took a long time but I did get my mustang and even a couple more....
Thanks for sharing your story Travis.

I loved it.

According to your signature, it looks like you have made up some lost time.

Do you have any pictures to share? Your avatar is a bit small to enjoy your labor of love.
this is a picture of it... you could throw a cat threw it when I brought it home. It was pretty rusty but all complete, and this was before all the aftermarket caught up with these cars. So I really had to scrabble and search for parts, but it turned out great I think. I have 2 more to restore, and I will start on them within the next year!!!!!

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Terrific story. And talk about dedication. Wow. Dave R.
Yes, great story and oh what memories it brings back. I can remember working for $3.37 per/ did I ever survive SCo_hmmthink Well, all I can say is your car looks awesome and based on your story, I am sure you will never let it go!
Thats a great story. There's a lot of Ford blue bleeding at this web site.

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