1973 Mach 1 in Canada
            I am working on my 1973 Mach 1, 351-2V, FMX, and found this site when I was looking for info on E-brake replacement. Most of mine is missing, just the front cable is there.
The car was in a farmer's field and had some rust, and the farm boys had been racing it, and smashed the driver's side fender. They cut some holes in the transmission tunnel as well. I welded up the holes (with the engine out), replaced the fender, and the floor pans, and it is starting to come together.
I took the FMX out 2 weeks ago and put in a C-4, with a higher stall convertor and shift kit. The engine got a "509" cam from Summit, as well as the steel rocker arms replacing the aluminum arms, ARP rod nuts completed the engine work. The 3.50 open gears in the 9 inch just got a Yukon replacement Trac-lok unit installed, and today I was installing a Summit ignition box.
Now I just need to get those e-brakes working so it will pass inspection. Here in Alberta Canada there is no smog check, just a basic inspection (mostly brakes and steering) for safety , on cars over 10 years old.New


Let's see if someone had your answer for you at hand or we shall need to go digging for you.

Enjoy the site.
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I have the rear cables
You may need other items too
On the front cable is the adjuster clip, nut, slider and spring there?
You will need 2 clips and a connector for the rear cables along with the cables - I have these items new

Are the internal parts present in the drums?
I would have any of that used
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Yes, the internal parts are in the drums, and the spring is on the front cable, so I assume it works. How long is the equalizer cable that connects the front and back. A local store will make cables to length with crimp on ends. I could get a cable made, but not sure of the connectors. The rear cables are available locally.

Thanks for the help Don.

6foot4, it might be best to take inventory of what you have against what Don has listed and let Don fill the order for the rest of the parts. Otherwise you will be scratching your head a lot trying to figure out what is missing. Don can probably send you a diagram of the whole system with the parts order as well.
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1971 Mustang Grande
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I agree with Steven, most of the small little clips and stuff could be very hard to locate since the car is over 40 years old. Don may well be your best bet to get it all working properly, and to pass inspection. Just some thoughts JTS 71 Mach1
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Welcome! I suggest a wrecker for you missing parts. You also get to see how it was all fitted rather than just getting pile of parts. If some of the parts you buy turn out to be too far gone at least you have a pattern to work from.
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