rear frame rail and torque box replacement
So I have a 69 mach 1, acquired as someone else ditched the project. Car was cut up, its in a bunch of pieces lol. Front end was all left in place, along with the rockers, everything else has been cut off the rear. I have purchased rear frame rails and torque boxes as a one piece unit, and am now trying to get placement of these pieces right. The only dimensions I have been able to find are for a 70 mach, can someone please verify if these are the same?
I haven't attempted the work you are doing. But I would recommend purchasing the 5 volume set of reproduction Ford shop manuals, plus the wiring diagram manual. I glanced through volume 4, Body, of my set and saw some dimensions referencing the rear frame rails. I know first hand, these manuals are a valuable source of information. Especially when doing a ground up build. They will save you time searching for answers.

There is also an Illustration book. And although the images are small, its a great help to figure out how different sub assemblies are put together.

Have fun with the project!

Best Regards,
Welcome to the site! The shop manual is your best bet for chassis dimensions. I tried looking online and I only seem to find the dimensions for the 1970. They are most likely the same as 69 but I would confirm that before you start. Hopefully some here has the manual and can send to you.

I have changed 3 full frame rails (1 front and 2 back) on my car so if you have any questions after you locate the correct dimensions let me know.

In the meantime, I would not remove anything further from the car because you will need as many reference points as possible. Second, and very important, you will need to make sure your car is level. Take your time doing this it is very important. Also, get a good tape measure. I promise you will know every measurement on your car when you are done!

Out of curiosity, are both rear frame from the torque boxes back removed from the car?

Post a picture of the car when you can. I would like to see what structural parts, if any, already have been removed.

Welcome - glad to have you check in.

The above mentioned shop manuals will be you one stop answer for the mired of questions that will arise in your rebuild process.

It is imperative that your car is level to pull accurate dimensions. You will also need to establish a true center line from which to work.

Keep us posted and share your results with us.
Thanks for the info guys, still trying to locate a shop manual. I did manage to find the dimensions I needed online and have managed to get the framerails, torque boxes, trunk pan, tail panel and quarters installed. This car, or what was left of it, was cut up by another shop and didn't have the first brace installed. Ill see if I can load some pics of what I started with and where I am now.

ok well, not sure how to upload images here.....
I got my repro Ford Shop Manuals from National Parts Depot. I'm sure others like CJ Pony Parts has them as well. They are fairly common.

Like I mentioned previously. They are full of useful information. I do all my own automotive repairs so I have factory shop manuals for all my vehicles. I use to work as a GM techniciam when I was younger. I can honestly say, a big reason dealer technicians can solve more issues is access to the factory shop manuals.

Best Regards,
(03-19-2015, 05:26 AM)johnt Wrote: ok well, not sure how to upload images here.....

Sure hoping that you can figure out how to post the pictures!

Click on the "New Attachment - browse" button below and locate where you have the picture stored on your computer. Click the "Add attachment" button and it should load. Most complications have to do with file size. Re-size your file (picture) if that is the issue and share away!
Wow, that was fast...congratulations! Sounds like some good forward progress. Looking forward to seeing some pictures.
I have a 70 mach 1...
I replaced drivers torque box and floor support...Lot's of work and prep before you install..!! Getting the old one out is the biggest job of all....Hoping to wrap up passenger side tomorrow.

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