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I know a topic related to this has been posted previously but I wanted to revisit it again. My just purchased 71 has the NASA hood scoops but does not have the ram air installed. There are a couple of Mustang parts suppliers that sell the ram air package ( plenum, air cleaner and vacuum lines ) although not cheap, for around $500.
I'm trying to decide whether is worth the cost of adding it or keeping the car original, without it. Not necessarily looking for any performance improvement but more to just making the hood scoops functional instead of just seating there not sucking air.
I also have considered buying the hood scoop inserts and drilling out some of the honeycomb holes to allow air to enter the engine bay. Would this do anything for better breathing?
Opinions on this or adding the ram air?
If you look a little harder you will see that the honeycomb grilles are screwed to the back of the scoops and are very easy to remove. No need to drill any holes at all. And yes it will let cold air directly into the engine compartment. To take full advantage of all that cold air. You would need to instal an aftermarket air cleaner Edelbrock, Moroso etc. I ran my 71 that way even in the rain and never once had any problems with it. Maybe a "red neck" cold air intake , but it worked. JTS 71 Mach1
(03-09-2015, 01:02 AM)SteveO_71 Wrote: I'm trying to decide whether is worth the cost of adding it or keeping the car original, without it.

From a performance standpoint - No.

From a resale standpoint - No.

From a smile on your face, it's on my car standpoint - Yes.
Without a plenum or "air box" sealed to the air cleaner or filter assembly to contain the incoming air, the ram air effect is almost nothing. Compared to the large volume, high pressure blast of air coming through the grille, (with a fan pushing it to boot) those hood scoops are more likely to vent out hot air from the engine compartment than take in any appreciative amount of cool air. Ford knew this early-on and for their serious performance cars like the 427 Fairlane Thunderbolt and factory 427 "lightweight" galaxies, they installed huge air intake ductwork right in the frontal grille area - next to or in place of the high beam headlights, where the incoming air pressure was highest. But, when bulged and scooped hoods were all the rage (and you have to admit they look cool) the ram air option was all you could hope for.
Plus 1 with what Steven said

If you do want it, I have a kit complete with everything down to the filters and hardware for 529.95 + shipping
My 2cents on air filters. I've always liked Ram Air Hoods, Shaker Hoods, etc. They look cool. My only issue with any of these is Ford uses such a small air filter element. Search the K&N website for their empirical formula to determine the appropriate K&N filter size, and in many cases you will find even a K&N filter of the OEM size is too small. Add to that, a paper element is much more restrictive than a K&N and you will wonder why such a small element.

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