Garage Shots
That's an awesome car, lichtyr!

If the trunk lid was adjusted just a little better and the spoiler not on backwards, it would be close to perfection. Thmbsup

LOVE the green and argent - awesome combination! Thumbup

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Here's a link to my '71 Mach 1 Facebook album:

you are correct the spoiler needs changed I am not sure about the trunk lid as it cant move as much as I would like

It should, That trunk should be able to be moved more then enough to compensate for the misalignment. If it wont something is bent, mismounted, or something else strange has happened, as they didn't come that way. JTS 71 Mach1
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Ha, well you guys are really giving me something to shoot for! Here is my 73--I pulled the motor this weekend. Getting very close to finishing disassembly--

David from Florida

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Thanks for adding your garage shot David.

Keep us posted with updates of the work.
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Yes...thank you for the garage shot and keeping this thread alive. It is one of my favorites!

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