Electrical weak points
As far as the sticky ignition switch, I'm assuming it's on the Beautiful Red 429 Ram Air car we see in the photo. SCo_hmmthink I would bet a little spray lube into the key/lock cylinder and into the crack between the steering wheel and the collar just below it. Turn the key back and forth several times, this should loosen things up pretty well. Be sure to hold a rag under whatever part you are spraying as it will run all over the place. Hope this helps if not give us some more details, and we'll take another stab at it. JTS 71 Mach1

(02-19-2015, 06:53 AM)sewerrat62 Wrote: NewHow about a "sticky" ignition switch (wants to stick in crank position) especially in cold weather. Is it the switch? the cylinder? or an adjustment? [quote='FirstMach1' pid='31265' dateline='1424058854']
Hey guys! Just getting ready to start tinkering with the new 1971 Mach 1 351 4v that I picked up not long ago. I drove it home about 250 miles and it ran great but needs some TLC for sure.

So I'm thinking about trying to get ahead of the curve on electrical issues that it may already have or that are likely to arise.

Can you fill me in on what the common electrical malfunctions of this vehicle are so I can target them up front? I already know that the lights are flickering and the brake lights have a ground issue. Hopefully just a cleanup.



(02-19-2015, 12:36 PM)FirstMach1 Wrote: Thanks for the quick tutorial JT!

Fatherfig' I appreciate your expertise and proper language. Love it.

You're welcome, Just to clarify it's JTS as in Jack Thomas Shelby. JT is the kid down the street. Biggrin JTS 71 mach1
I have the same problem
Thanks for assisting in the translation JTS!! Globes and bulbs; In the olden days when I was apprenticed to BAC and helped to build aircraft I was told, very firmly, 'Bulbs grow, Globes glow'. Fall is what happens when you loose your balance, Autumn is when trees change their COLOUR. We turn off TAPS on our sinks. Drawing Pins = Thumb Tacks.
I could go on but it just gets more weird. Just get those earths cleaned up....578254
Roflmao1Roflmao1Roflmao1 I really love the differences in common lingo and it simply depends on where you are standing. As I originally was born 60 miles south of Chicago, I'am considered a "Yankee". Now that I live in Arkansas, (for the last 35 years). I've gotten fairly used to the language barrier. But every now and then I get a burr in the saddle, and can't help myself. We have a town about 50 miles south of us, "Searcy" I look at it and break it into syllables and pronounce it "Sear-cy" Most people around here pronounce it "Ser-cy" dropping the "a". I have a lot of fun with this as I tell them, at least I can pronounce the English Language as written. Then I add you don't go to "Ser's" Do you??? You go to "Sears". You don't "Ser" meat you "Sear" meat. Another good one is they say "Soda" or "Sody", instead of "Pop". or a "Coke". If you say, do you want to go get a "Coke" that meant you wanted to get something to drink. No matter which brand or flavor. So yeah it gets weird over here too. I guess it just depends, on what part of the planet you are standing on! Just how silly you sound!!! 578254
This is so good and so much FUN (fun = fun no matter where you stand).
The only thing that REALLY burns me is the way most people (in Australia, England and in the USA) pronounce COUPE'. Most people say coop as in the thing chickens live in. Gentlemen drive coupe's (pronounced coo-pae not coop). It is a French word liike cafe'. I can't believe you all say 'kaf'.
Anyway must go, as my Nescafe' coffee is getting cold.
Only the elitist wine-sippin' crowd here in the U.S. pronounces it coop aayy, but then again they get regular manicures and have white poodle dogs named fluffy. Us regular car guys have German Shepard dogs named Axle, drink beer, and pronounce it coop. How do you guys down under pronounce cantaloupe?
(02-22-2015, 07:38 PM)gxr02190 Wrote: Only the elitist wine-sippin' crowd here in the U.S. pronounces it coop aayy, but then again they get regular manicures and have white poodle dogs named fluffy. Us regular car guys have German Shepard dogs named Axle, drink beer, and pronounce it coop. How do you guys down under pronounce cantaloupe?

I heard that! Thmbsup JTS 71 Mach1

Ps. Anyone else know cantaloupe, as Mushmelon or Muskmelon?
And Axel's owner drinks coffee at a kaf? l know, it's just a beef of mine, but it is a French word after all. Maybe we should call them 'landau's' as we all say that the same. BTW Ford brought out a 'Landau' here. 351 XC based coupe' with a very high standard trim package. I also managed to embarrass a local car dealer's staff into saying coupe' the original way. How did you know my white poodle is called 'Fluffykins'?
Axle spells his name A-X-L-E. Axle's owner brews his coffee at home - he doesn't go to a cafe' or "kaff". He drinks coffee because the caffeine keeps him alert, not because it's fashionable or stylish. Axle's owner only drinks beer occasionally because he works between 60-65 hrs. a week, mostly at night, and he has to deal with drunks, drug dealers, loudmouths, and lots of other people who think they know his job better than he does. As far as Fluffykins goes, just a wild guess.... a stereotype if you will... I apologize if I offended you. I have no problem with other member's accent, terminology, or the way they pronounce words. We're all different is some ways, but we all learn from each other.

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