70 Mach 1 Value
This car is by no means perfect. But I wouldn't say its a pig by the photos. It's possible there is a solid almost rust free car under there. It's indistinguishable by the photos. I think the potential buyer mistakenly thought it had A/C. Its not the highest optioned car, but it is something a person can drive as is, fix a little at a time and not be strapped with a complete restoration from the beginning.

I will admit, that radiator is sketchy and the trans cooler looks like it belongs on some type of custom hot rod. Those would be first to get replaced. Rim Blow steering wheels are nice, my Mach1 has one and it works. But in my opinion they are over rated. Especially since most after market horn contacts don't work leaving you with an expensive steering wheel you cannot use.

I am not saying $22,000 is too low or the asking price is too high. Simply there is more to consider than what is seen in the photos, how solid is the car, disk brakes, fold down rear seat, etc. A fairly positive thing it has going for it is it has not be "customized" and is basically still stock. That is not too common after 45 years.

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