Need to install original trunk lid light on my 1969 mach1
Hello, can anyone tell me if there is a trunk lid light switch or if the light turns on with the car? I have the original light and L brackst but nred to buy wirung harneSs. I couldnt find any info on how to restore this light correctly.
There is a mercury switch in the harness that turns the light on when the trunk lid is opened. I haven't reinstalled mine, don't drive it much after dark and didn't really want the light on at car shows. Maybe someone will have a picture of how it's mounted.
Thx will look for one

The light in the fastback trunk is sort of self explanatory and there is a small hole on the underside where the light fixture fits into. there will be one screw that may already be tapped into the underside of your trunk lid if yours is OEM.

My car is in my race car trailer or id snap a photo of it.

The L-shaped bracket helps recess it into the hole then you run the wire through the support bracket built into the underside of the trunk lid. The wire should come out near the drivers side rear wheel well then drop down into the top area of the wheel well where your harness should have a small extended stub where it plugs into. (located directly on top of the wheel well.)
Note: If your car wiring harness does not have it then your car was not originally equiped with the optional lighting package like mine wasn't.
I plan on running an entirely seperate power wire to that light plug myself to get power to it without cutting into my harness. This way I can make sure that the power is off via toggle switch.
My car is not all original per Marti Report so restomod is the way for me.

I have the light, L bracket and psi t on to of bulb. The bulb socket has the wire attached but it is clipped. i was thinking of making the wiring with male bullit plug. I have the plug near wheel well. I just wadnt sure how the light turns off. Previous post said mercury switch in harness
Here is a shot of my original trunk light. The mercury switch is in the extended base of the light socket. When the base is lower then the bulb the switch is off and when the base tilts higher then the bulb it turns on. Overall length of the wire is 62".
Thanks for the pic. I have the bulb and socket but wire was clipped. I may bid on a 1972 mustang wiring harness which is on ebay. The wiring looks exactly the same except the socket but since I have that then I can splice it together
Thanks Master Blaster and Bob!
(02-05-2015, 09:30 PM)rindel Wrote: I couldnt find any info on how to restore this light correctly.

It's like Murphy's law...when you need how to information it seems like it's impossible to find in the shop manuals and on the internet. I am glad the guys here answered your question!
(02-09-2015, 10:50 AM)Mustangmike Wrote: Thanks Master Blaster and Bob!

X's two!

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