351c 2v power upgrades
Nice job...sounds great!
Nice work Mister 4x4! My Fords have always had Windsor's and never a Cleveland. Don't get me wrong, if my Mach 1 was a 70 or newer, the 351 Cleveland would be my choice of a small block, even though I do like the longer connecting rod setup on the 351 Windsor. I am curious, can you safely bore .060" over on a 351 Cleveland? More than 0.030" on a 351 Windsor and your asking for hot running issues.

Best Regards,
I'd also always heard that anything over .030" was death for a Cleveland. Well, yeah - if you're planning on sending it down the track, don't expect it to last very long. Naughty

But, for daily "normal" driving, I'm not seeing the problem. Mine is running ridiculously cool (probably because it's new "everything"), even though I've never actually driven it. I've had it idling for long periods of time but once the thermostat opens, it stays put - temp-wise... and that's even been on many 100 degree days. That monster 7-blade fan helps a LOT - before I installed the windshield, I'd close the hood to put it back in the garage, and when I'd rev the engine, it would blow my hair back. Seriously, it's moving a lot of air.

Once I start driving it, I'll know more. But what I'm thinkin', is that .060" pistons would not very readily available if it was such an issue. Thmbsup
At 0.030" over on my 351W it took some upgrades to keep it running cool. Largest Griffin radiator, high flow water pump and thermostat, and 6 blade 17" Derale flex fan.

When I read 0.060" over on a Cleveland, I thought to myself, would that work? Sounds like it will work out fine.

Looks nice, have fun with it! We'll see if you can drive it with a light foot when it's finished. Biggrin
I'm anxious to find out how it does drive, on one hand. But on the other, it's kind of lost most of its value as an actual 'car' to me. For the past 4.5 years, I've been wrenchin', cuttin', welding, grinding, and just about everything else to get it to this point... it's just weird, I guess. I know it's still a car, but it just doesn't feel like it since it's been so long. It was seized up and nasty when I bought it, so I never even had the pleasure of a test drive or anything of the sort.

I'm hoping it'll continue to run cool, but I'm sure once it gets under load, and gets stuck at traffic lights after cruising down the freeway, it'll be a different story. I'm already thinking along the lines of some hood heat extractor vents ('69-'70-style), since the fan moves so much air and the hood gasket will effectively trap the heat under there.

But, we'll see. Thumbup
So far, so good.  It's been running with the needle pretty much right in the middle, creeping up just a tiny bit east of halfway on the hotter days.  This car is also not having a rough life, to say the least.  This is pretty much just driving around town to a car show or two every few months.
Hey Eric - thanks for the update on how the motor continues to run.

Any new plans for the Mach 1?

How has all the body work and paint held up?
Everything's awesome!  I took it out of town about a month ago - first trip leaving the city limits, actually.  Ran great at around 75mph all the way to my pal's house about 22 miles away, in fact.  I'm guessing on the speed, since the speedo cable slipped off the speedometer and I was driving by the awesome RCCI conversion tach.  The temp never went any farther than just over halfway there and back.

About a week earlier is when I took it over to Cars & Coffee and one of the guys took this pic:

[Image: carscoffeeMar2018-1024x683.jpg]

So far, so good!
Oh yeah, I almost forgot - the reason for the temp staying rock solid is probably due to 'The Pantera Mod' of the thermostat.  The Cleveland thermostats have the ring that the thermostat seals against when they open, redirecting the flow through the block in a manner not 'normal' as most engines go.  If you have the correct thermostat, it probably works great... however, the box auto parts stores usually don't have proper Cleveland thermostats 'off the shelf,' as in you have to have the part number and they would have to actually look them up by the P/N, rather than the make/model/engine method in their computers.

So, I went to this site and got the info needed to make the mod: https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/wa...plate.html

Basically, pull the ring out of the engine, swap in this restrictor plate, and use a 'standard' Windsor-style thermostat most parts stores have listed as what fits the Clevelands.  Everything works great!

[Image: ?url=image1.cougparts.com%2Fsc%2Fimages%...3234_2.jpg]
Very nice.

Thanks for sharing the thermostat fix as it is a common issue for those who are not Cleveland guys.

What size rear tire are you running, and the offset on your rear rims?

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