It has begun!!!
Let's get started!!! First day off since I got my cars, started ripping up carpet annnd I need floors lol.. Let the tare down begin!!


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Pretty much a common problem with a car forty plus years old.

Have you checked the condition of your cowl?
Yup...unless you bought the Fred Flintstone model, you need floors (LOL)!! You have a great attitude!! Keep us updated as you dig deeper in and let us know how it's going.

I've been referring to it as the flintstone car lol. And I'm worried about the cowl haven't had time to dig that deep into it but the carpet in driver side was wet so thinking might have some rust but it could just been from the holes. Everything in car Is original started looking at stuff all dated July 73 even has the beaded seat cover lol. Console little rough but not bad door panels are dried out feel sun damaged and rough. Top Dash is destroyed but radio instrument cluster everything looks spotless. Seats wore down to medal but I've got like 6 seats. Get my tax refund order my cherry picker ;) and will get in there and really investigate shock towers and cowl out
I have 7 hoods but they have little surface rust. Thinking of going with one if the NASA hoods with locks. But is it difficult to skin the hood so I can get the flaking surface rust out?
I have not personally tried to skin a hood.

I imagine that it is just another step in the whole of the process.

If you are trying to skin the hood only to access flaking rust there are other options such as media blasting, chemical dips, or even rust encapsulater. Eastwood make a great rust encapsulater product

If you use a media to blast the rust you have to be real careful not to warp the metal. There are people who can do this for you and if the hood is in decent shape it may be worth the price.

You only have once chance to skin the hood so if something goes wrong and you bend the sheet metal or something else the hood may be garbage.


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