1971 windshield install
Hello everyone. I replaced my windshield with a new one that I paid only $55 bucks for! I started by prepping the metal and used butyl tape and primer. It looks to me like the butyl tape sealed it in quite well, but I have heard that you can "paddle" in extra sealant around the outside edge. It does not look like it is needed, and if I did add extra it would cover the trim molding pins which were not all that covered in sealant when I removed the old windshield. Is the extra sealant needed or recommended? Any feedback is appreciated.

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I would run a hose around the window to see if there are any leaks first. If you end up with a leak you could always apply more sealant. I went conservative with the sealant on my car since I have no plans on driving it in the rain (only getting caught in it) and did not notice any visible leaks (from what I saw).
Sounds like Mike has given you some good advice.

I used the caulking form on mine.

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