First time here.
Hello to all of the Mach 1 Club members. I live in the Cincinnati area and I also belong to a couple of other forums as I'm sure many of you do also. Hopefully we can all help each other. My '69 R code is nearing completion of it's restoration. The car left here over 2 years ago after sitting in my garage, essentially untouched, for 11 years before that. The excitement is building as the guy doing the work has it looking like a real car. I don't have the know how or equipment to do the work myself. I would love to be able to. I have had zero success in posting pictures to other forums so I expect total failure here in that task. Good luck to you all and thanks. Dave R.
Welcome to the club!

These guys are a blast to talk to about these cars and tips.Biggrin
Be patient with the photo uploading and you will get the hang of it.

This photo took 18 seconds to load then post.    
Welcome! What a great starting point. Hope there are not too many 'surprises' for you as you go through it!
Hello and welcome aboard. (I'm a Navy vet) Nice looking car. That's great year to restore. I wish you luck with it.
Welcome Hope it comes out great, after 2 years work you'd hope so. Good luck JTS 71 Mach1
Welcome to the site from Virginia. Here is a link explaining how to post pictures here.
Welcome - great to have you along for the ride.

Here's hoping you can get the hang of posting those pictures.
Thanks guys. I am still working on shrinking the file size of my photos so I can post a couple. Dave R.
Keep at it - we will be looking forward to the posts.
Resizing your pictures:

On your home computer where you save your pictures, you should be able to click on the photo and select edit to resize. I have been successful with changing the picture size to the smaller 640 option.

Posting your pictures:

On the Mach 1 Club site, within your post, just click the browse bottom next to "new attachment". This will bring you to the drives on your home computer. Where ever you keep your pictures is where you want to go which is usually the pictures folder. Then select the picture(s) you want to upload into your post and remember to select the smaller resized photo(s).

Next select add attachment. This will bring in the picture(s) you want to insert into your post into site here.

Then all you have to place your cursor in your posting to where you want to insert the picture and then select insert. Once you do this you will see the picture reference number that you are about to insert. When you physically post reply you will then see the picture(s).

I hope this helps...if you need more help please let us know.

Good luck!


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