First time here.
Thanks Mike.

Those are straightforward steps.

You have helped me learn how to place the picture in the middle of the text.

If this pic comes thru it was taken in May,2014. The metalwork is all done but not re-assembled. The Dynamat had been installed. As a matter of fact 2 of the guys from Dynamat were there that day to take pictures of this install. That is why the car is outside in the sun.
If this pic works I'll try a couple of more. Dave R.
Coming through loud and clear sir and I like what I see so far. Post some more pics...I think you got it now!

July last year the motor gets installed. In August my guy has most if not all of the trim work done. I am trying to re-size a pic of the fresh paint job. Thanks. Dave R.

This was taken about 20 hours after paint on a nasty, gray typical Ohio early December day. Not the best for picture taking. Since then the outside is just about finished. With the hood, deck lid, lights, grille and bumpers installed it looks like a car. I don't have a more recent pic as the weather has been crap here. Getting closer all of the time. Thanks guys. Dave R.
Thanks for the update Dave.

Very nice looking progress.

Your timing should be about right to enjoy the car in good weather!
The car looks great and nice job jamming and painting it! There is nothing more exciting than dropping a fresh motor into a freshly painted engine compartment, especially a 428. Is this the original motor to the car?

Do you have any before pictures of the car?

Thanks for posting the pictures.

Sorry for the delay in responding. Thanks for the compliments. The guy that did the motor work forgot to look for numbers, or I forgot to ask him to, so I am unsure if the motor is original. The car only has 53K miles and has the original trans. I plan to check date codes once it is back home. You know, you would think that with the car parked in my garage for 11 years, not moved, with a dish towel for a gas cap that I would have a few before pics. But not. My restorer says that he thinks he has some. I'll post if that is the case. Dave R.
Almost done but streetable. Overcast day so the color didn't pop like it really does. Dave R.    

    One more and yes, that is my finger covering the top of the picture. Painter hadn't blacked the cowl yet but has done so since this was taken. Dave R.
    One more and yes, that is my finger covering the top of the picture. Dave R.
Nice paint. Big $.
Sign0175Sign0175Sign0175 Awesome !!!

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