new foam
I just ordered New foam for both of my bucket seats. I upholstered them both years ago but neglected to replace the original foam, now after 43 years that foam has given up the ghost and every time I vacuumed I'm finding crumbs of foam on the floor. The upholstery is still in excellent condition so I'm just going to carefully remove it and replace the foam. Wish me luck.
Good Luck If your careful it shouldn't be to big a job, take your time and it should all work out. I did the seats in my 2008. They were originally light gray cloth, they got so stained up. I got lucky and found someone on Ebay had a complete set of take off black, cloth seat covers, as he had upgraded to leather. Long story short I replaced all the gray with the black, and with my daughters help they still look great to this day. We were careful to put everything back just as we found it. Good Luck. Thmbsup JTS 71 Mach1
This worked for me in the past - When you put the foam in put a couple of layers of hessian over the springs first. It helps to stop the springs cutting into the foam, for a few more years.
Hessian is that like burlap? I've never heard of that.
I'm not sure if it's burlap or not, furniture nakers use a material that's tough but no where near as thick as burlap. But burlap might work quite well? SCo_hmmthink JTs 71 Mach1
I googled it Hessian is just that Burlap. Thanks for the advise I'll go to the textile mill and pick some up.

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