Need help to know what engine I have?
(01-17-2015, 04:20 PM)Mach1FatherFigure Wrote: I've already died here so I'll stick to the 'engine with 8 cylinders' description; sit in the corner and listen. Blush

What we have here is a English language barrier. M1FF, we did not have the Cleveland based 302 on this side of the pond, only the Windsor 302. Therefore most people automatically assume when a 302 is mentioned the only option is the Windsor block (unless a Chevy guy snuck in).

Forgive me as I have just joined the thread and really did not carefully read every post. The basic question I believe would be as to whether the engine in question is a 351C or a Modified 351 or 400.

Measure the top bell housing bolt separation or look to see if the motor mounts are the Windsor style of a 429/460 style. Those two area will give a simple answer.
everything I see says it's a 351c, first of all the block is of the Cleveland family, just look at the fuel pump, it's bolted on with bolts top and bottom, not left and right like the Windsor family,,the heads are Cleveland heads, look at the valve cover bolt pattern,,and Cleveland's came in 2V and 4V versions,,the 4V had a 4 barrel carb, and the 2V had a 2 barrel carb....

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