Punt Pass & Kick
It was September 1966 and my Dad took me to the local Ford dealer to sign up for Punt Pass & Kick. If your not familiar with that it's a contest for kids sponsored by the Ford Motor Co. While waiting my turn to sign up I spied a beautiful Blue 1967 Mustang fastback. It was love at first site. The salesman told me I could climb in and sit behind the wheel. OMG I loved it inside and out, of course my dad was looking at a much bigger car like a Galaxy. Well after that I would walk to the Ford dealer after school (about a 1/2 mile out of the way) just to see that Mustang until one day it was gone, sold but I never forgot it and when I got the chance to buy a car as soon as I could afford it I bought a Mustang 1965 hardtop and have owned a classic Mustang ever since. My high school year book is full of comments from classmates and most say something about my hot Mustang and even after 40 yrs when ever I see any of them they ask about my Mustangs. I guess it's the one thing in my life I'm know for the most is my passion for the Ford Mustang.
Great story. I remember the punt, pass, and kick promotions, but I never participated.

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