Merry Christmas To All !!!
Well Guys it's come down to the end of the year once again. We have probably all spent way to much, ate to much, and stressed to much. Now is the time to sit back, and try to remember the "Reason for the Season". Through the year the Lord has blessed us all.(I almost died twice this year) Now we need to remember his most gracious and wonderful gift. The Gift of his son Jesus Christ to the whole world, and that with out his unselfish gift. None of us would be able to stand before the Lord. So to the Lord my God Thank You Lord! for the gift of your son My savior, and for all the friends I have made in this world. May you bless each and everyone of them, as you have blessed me and mine.
To all who read this Merry Christ-mas!
JTS 71 Mach1 Gears
Well said! Would like to add my wishes for a Merry CHRISTMAS for all here.
From me in Perth too!
Merry Christmas everybody.
Amen....Merry Christmas everyone!

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