Rear Spoiler Pitch/angle
Is there a correct way to set the pitch of the rear spoiler? I have mine sat at the same rake as the rear window. I've seen them set at other angles and I was wondering what if any is the correct way to set it.
It depends what you want from the device.

In a race situation it provides down force to hold down the rear of the car. At normal road speeds the effect is minimal on either down force or drag.

The least drag and down-force will be provided by offering the narrowest profile to the air flow. Best LOOK will be a LITTLE nose down from horizontal IMO.
If I am not mistaken, the back edge of spoiler runs flush the top edge of the deck lid. This should set the angle. Not sure if this helps without a visual.
I am about to remove my rear spoiler which was installed by the previous owner. The top edge front to top rear is not parallel with the rear fast back slope. It is a bit higher so it catches air if not real tight and once flipped up all the way at 85 mph when it was not tight enough. No damage as it has internal limitations to prevent contacting the red painted areas. If it was being driven down as I believe it should be it should have turned down not up and back. he point of this is to press down some to add traction and stability but the opposite happens if it lifts upward.

When I remove it I will lengthen the slot ends on both sides to allow a bit more travel to lower the leading forward edge. Then grind down the internal stops some to allow the movement in the now lengthened slots. The top side finish had some minor issues like scratches which when an attempt to polish them out the sheen of the surface became more shiny. I plan to strip the surface and test exterior clear matte as a top coat to try to even out all the sheen to one appearance. I would not like to have to paint it but if required I would go with satin or semi gloss black the clear matte. If I do it it will be in my shop if I send it out I can buy a new one for less. It would be better to just get rid of the increased sheen but that one I have not figured out yet.

Anyone here ever deal with modifying the rear wing to tip down past the factory stops and have you ever painted one of these?


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